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21 Roof Top

I have no idea about cigarettes but I like the name Roof Top because it reminds me of the fun I used to have with my ex (on the roof top of course! )

I just tried these and I really enjoyed it. I would recomend these highly.


Here in Canada we have "Canadian Marlboros" made by imperial tobacco which are different from the rest of the world. So when Phillip Morris co brought real Marlboros to Canada they had to use a different name. Calling them roof top is from the original Marlboros pack design.

22 Viceroy

Not for posers. They literally burn your throat, which, is a very good thing if you're not a sensitive little boy.

Ode to viceroy - mac de marco

The viceroy menthol lights taste good and the smell don't linger much.

Mac Demarco is a god

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23 Bahman

Only a Persian like me knows the real taste of bahman!

I know it is not as well known as the others but believe me it has got a taste you will never forget.

These Persians know how to make Cigarettes.
The taste is unforgettable, and these cigarettes are very strong as well.

I like Bahman DooDool which is smallest one.

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24 Navy Cut

If you do NOT like this, you're a kid!

It is original cigratte. As the name itself is every thing navy cut. Nly people with courage smoke this

Really great cigarette

Navy cut so hanging cigarettee

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25 Export A

Export Green and the Lights (gold pack) outshine any other cigarette in my opinion.

These are quite nice strong but smooth and they do not smell bad

My favorite for 30+ years. No additives.
All my smoker friends beg me for them!
Truly, the finest cigarette I have ever smoked and I have smoked cigarettes from around the world.

Only smokes worth smoking. Making every brand like Marlboros and Camel taste like air since 1928.

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26 Natural American Spirit

American spirit cigarettes last for longer than any other cigarettes I've smoked! The different types are very important. I like the yellow pack because of how smooth they smoke. Yet, light blue is another favorite and it's quite harsh. They have a smoke for everybody and everyone I know loves them. The 20 minute cigarette will always be my favorite!

The unfiltered tan Spirits are the strongest cigarette you can legally smoke. However, their other offerings are just as great. Lime greens are the best menthol I've ever smoked, the turquoise are the best full-bodied cigarettes I've ever smoked, and the oranges are a very good light option. They last longer, taste better, and blow away the competition.

Best cigarette in the world! They burn slow, taste clean, and have an extremely high nicotine content. Stay away from the mellows unless you like smoking air. You can't go wrong with the blacks or the grays. It's also the best brand for casual smokers or people who are trying to cut down on smoking.

My boss at work smokes them

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27 Mild Seven

I tried these in Japan, for first time in life, that too in the windy winter... I fell in love with this...

THE Best ever.. As it does not make you cough... And it can be taken smoothly...

Had these back when my friend got a pack from Korea. Smooth and delicious.

Yea, that's 100% right.. Mild Seven is the best of ever, If I could say it's a very clear clean cigarettes

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28 Pyramid

They taste really strong believe it or not.

The best for the price I love how other states complain about cig prices try living in Michigan were new ports run ya $8.00 a pack and mar reds run ya $7.00at only $5.30 a pack and the flavor and quality you can't compare. Look out for pall mall damn thing goes out if you wait a few seconds between hits SO IF J WANT THE STRONGEST AND CHEAP IN COST THEN PYRAMID IS the best damn cig period

Very strong but very chep I love it 4.00-5.00 in the state of Utah

29 Gold Leaf

Gold leaf is the ciggaerete that a real man can have it's the number one brand in the world...

Gold leaf is real life of smoker and number one brand in the world

Gold leaf is the brand for big and hard boys. Who is tough man only he knows what is this. Trust me if you are a new smoker you do not want to try this. Anindo

Good Cigarette in Sri Lanka

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30 Silk Cut

Silk cut purple 100s are my favourite, love coming home from work and lighting 4 or 5 one after the other. Smoke about 30 a day these days always need another cigarette a don't want to stop, love how they taste a feel. Love opening a new pack, lighting the first one a taking the longest drag I can until my lungs are burning!

Silk Cut purple is amazing cigarette.. One of the best light cigarette on the market

Occasional social smoker. Tried others. Very light and smooth.

Smooth but full of flavor, plus low leves of the extra chemicals used for cigarettes.
Only downside of living in the USA, gotta order them online

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31 Akhtamar

Legendary cigarettes Akhtamar have become very popular due to their quality and demand in the world. Since Soviet times, they are not only considered the best cigarettes, but is a welcome gift for those who appreciate quality cigarette. Produced in Armenia.

Akhtamar is my cigarette.

My father smokes Akhtamar over 10 years

Taste Is something $$$

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32 USA Gold

They are very underrated. Cheap, burn kinda quick but it hits You pretty good. Great quality tobacco.

They don't burn fast

Best out no question about it

Best I've smoked. and a lot cheaper than name brand

33 Chesterfield

Been smoking Chesterfield Reds for the past year or so. Before that I was on Mayfair, Pall Mall, Marlboro, I kept switching because I wasn't sure if I liked each one I tried. Chesterfield are cheap and tasty.

Probably the best taste. Burns a bit fast though, but even better than the marlboro soft red packs. I stopped em to smoke Chesterfield.

I'd take Chesterfield over most cigarettes any other day (I used to smoke Reds, but I've ended up switching to menthol). They may burn a little fast, but they are tasty and budget-friendly.


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34 Pine

Is a Korea types of cigarette made from Korea. It has 2 types of flavor which is strawberry and green apple. It has a bit of mint flavor in it which make it more delightful every pump you have.

Nice tastes, should be at top 5

Pine lights is the best and the quality is unbeatable

Best cigarette in the world

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35 Golden Virginia

Why is the Malaysian gram smaller than the English gram - I been shorted about ten smokes a pouch in Asia - any comments and yes I've done my 1000 pouches of gv.

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36 Farvardin

Ancient Persian Cigarette.
Favorite Taste!

Really good

Its very good;heavy and full flavour;IranIAN cigarette

37 Basic

Best value cigarette taste like name brand

The best flavored generic cigarettes ever! - westofohio

Basic is not as strong as a Malboro and stronger than a Malboro light. And that is the taste for me.

38 West

Camel used to be my favorite cigarettes. Now it's West. The taste is rich and unique, the smoke is smooth and it does not make you cough. They don't burn too fast or uneven. High quality for a rather low price. I tried a whole lot of brands but none of them could compare to my lovely West's!
Quick reminder of their old slogan and my suggestion: TEST THE WEST! (if they're available anywhere else than here in Germany which I don't know)

Nice and pretty strong. My favorite by far

39 Gold Flake Kings

This is good for health. Please everybody should be smoke gold flake only.

Gold Flake Kings only can make satisfied me I like it

Most of the Indians smoke kings, may be you can say all of them who smokes. They are not comfortable with any other cigrette because of heat boss it's heavy here...

How it is possible navy cut is better than gold flake king? 😞😞

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40 Milds

Milds is my favorite brand, its not a brand of cigarette, it's a lifestyle. Really the best you can get at the local stores or anywhere around yourself. If you really want to smoke then choose Milds to get that on your nicotine level

Just the best, not too hard or too light, its classic mild...

One of the smoothest and best among all other brand.

I love milds.. Impeccable tobacco.. Smooth and incorrect ciggarette.!

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