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141 Seneca

Best cigarette I've ever smoke. I love the blues and full flavor ones.

Rich smooth and full of flavor and great thought hit!

142 Sampoerna

The most recommended one! Taste it and you'll see...

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143 Players No 6
144 Marlboro Black 100's

Smooth, strong, cheap, all around winner in my book.

Can you buy them in Australia, if someone could let me know.

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145 Canadian Classics

Smoke these all day everyday I'm used to it first smoke I started with

They say "I'm hard, I don't even want my lung's and I'm Canadian"

Worlds best cigarette, hands down.

The most iconic Canadian smoke out there. 9 out of 10 times if you ask to bum a dart you'll get a CC. Majestic.

146 Parisienne
147 Saratoga

So elegant. Amazing flavor. Cool box.

Tastes so good. Smooth. Perfect

148 Time

This brand of cigerettes make me break out. They are the only brand of smokes I have ever smoked that make me break out in a rash

149 Wills

I have been smoking for like last 5 years and tried many brands of cigarette including Marlboro, Newport, Paul mall but to be honest "wills classic mild" has its no match, rich blend of fine Indian nicotine and mesmerizing smoky smell really renders me not quitting smoking. Whenever I go to US I never forget to get it with me as my all friends love it even some American friends of mine who only prefer to smoke Marlboro when tried it first time couldn't refrain from saying "wow, Marlboro stands no where close to this cigarette, why don't we have this in states ".

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150 Fest

White-red package. Quite strong and have a,delicious aftertaste".

151 Sport

I smoke Sport whenever I can. Taste is close to Marlboro and you can find them for half the price of premium brands.

152 Charminar

It's best cigarette in low price. It's only cigarette in India which made in roasted tobacco. It's taste is better than any other expensive cigarette.

Through a break up! This is for you

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153 Windsor Blue

I have no idea what this stupid dick hammer beneath me is talking about clearly he or she is uneducated in Tobacco Windsor blue is cheap nasty poorly made to back that tastes like you are smoking cardboard please don't waster your money on this crap

Nice taste for a cheap cigarette good quality and more popular in its super king size

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154 Rodeo

Not that good but they're cheap and most people start with this pack

155 Derby V 1 Comment
156 Bon

Best additive free cigarette ever, Like American spirits, but without that 30 percent freebase nicotine.
Really good taste without any additive flavour

157 Esse Black
158 Macbeth
159 Pride
160 Club

Kensitas club as they where once known is still. number 1 cigarette good quality ciggie

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