Cinder Fall

A mysterious woman who possesses fire-based powers and uses a pair of blades that combine to form a bow that she uses to fire arrows.Vol. 2 She also fights with glass and has been noted to have fused Dust into some of her clothing. Cinder is a very cunning and secretive woman, with goals of gaining power and becoming feared by others, and the end goal of overthrowing Ozpin, as per her superior Salem's wishes.Vol. 3, Ch. 7 She leads a team with Mercury and Emerald and is Torchwick and Neo's superior. In Volume 3, Cinder kills the Fall Maiden and claims her power. She also supposedly killed Ozpin and is responsible for killing Pyrrha, but is later engulfed in the light caused by Ruby unleashing her hidden powers.Vol. 3, Ch. 11-12 In Volume 4, it is revealed that Ruby's power caused Cinder to lose her left eye and much of her voice, causing her to only speak in very meek, hoarse whispers, which Emerald translates for her.Vol. 4, Ch. 1 After going through Salem's treatment Vol. 4, Ch. 3, Cinder trains to master her new powers.Vol. 4, Ch. 11-12

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