Top Ten Best Cities In Afghanistan


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1 Kabul

Kabul is one of the safest places to live in Afghanistan

Kabul used to be a good and peaceful city but not anymore.

Kabul is nice and safe city.

2 Kandahar

I really like to live in this city, one of my favorite in Afghanistan.

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3 Herat

I love Herat, especially the mosque and music there.

Herat is one of the peacful and calm province in Afghanistan.most of our people knows Herat province as a bride of city in Afghanistan even though this province is very ancient according to historical period.anyway I like herat although iam not from herat.

4 Jalalabad

I come from there

All of them are number 1 I love my watan

5 Mazar-i-Sharif
6 Lashkar Gar

It's the city which now me living in this city, maybe more talk about this city more things worst but all that is wrong, here so peaceful area.
Nasir Noori from Lashkar Gah City.

7 Taloqan
8 Khost
9 Sheberghan
10 Ghazni

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11 Paktia
12 Farah
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