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21 Munshiganj

Munshiganj (Also know as historical name called Bikrampur) is one of the historical city of Bangladesh. Bikrampur (Munshiganj) was the political and cultural centre of ancient Bengal. It was officially known as Bikrampur until 1986 and was part of Dhaka District. The remains of the city of Bikrampur, the capital of the ancient kingdoms of southeastern Bengal, are lost and its location can only be guessed on the basis of available data.
Total land area is 235974 acres (954 km2), out of which 138472 acres (560 km2) are cultivable and 5609 acres (23 km2) are fallow land. It has no forest area. 40277 acres (163 km2) of land is irrigated while 26242 acres (106 km2) of land is under river. It has 14 rivers of 155 km passing through.
Over All Munshiganj is the one of the best district and cities of Bangladesh...

22 Faridpur
23 Narsingdi

Narsingdi is a district a with very less poor peoples.

24 Sherpur

One of the Beautiful city of Bangladesh

25 Chowmuhani

It's a great city. Rich and Royal city of Bangladesh

26 Jamalpur
27 Chandpur

One of the best city

I love my city of hilsha...

28 Gabindogong
29 Bhola

A biggest island in Bangladesh & beautiful District.

30 Naogaon
31 Habiganj

Habiganj is a Beautifull District of Bangladesh under Sylhet Division.

We have World Class Industries, Natural Gas, Tea Garden, National Park, World Largest Village, 5star Hotel and many more

32 Meherpur
33 Dinajpur
34 Patuakhali

Patuakhali is nice city of Bangladesh. It is clean and green city.

It's a very beautiful place known for Payra Seaport and Kuakata Sea Beach.

35 Brahmanbaria

Clean &Clear city in Bangladesh...

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36 Nabigonj
37 Sreemangal
38 Manikganj V 1 Comment
39 Kishoreganj
40 Magipara
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