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21 Montreal Montreal

How can they not be higher. Quite possibly the most devoted fans in North America. I've seen riots after them being eliminated from the playoffs, I've also seen riots because they've won

We are the home of hockey

22 New Orleans

no body comes close to those fans. Im from Texas and have to admit their fans are the best. they stick behind them whether they lose or win. thats true fans

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23 Kolkata
24 Lexington
25 Houston

Rockets Rowdies! Texans fanatics! Houston is the best city for sports fans! They are totally dedicated win or lose!

26 Portsmouth
27 Melbourne

sports capital of the world -

AFL 4 days! Go the Hawks!

28 Belgrade

Have you ever watch one game by Partizan or Red Star belgrade?

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29 Tampa

Bolts fans are very loyal. You just gotta visit the place. - DoroExploro13

The Rays get great support when the deserve it, the bucs will get some crazy fans, and bolts are always sold out, the city turns blue when they are in the playoffs

The bucs, bolts, and rays gets crazy fans, the bucs you find at least one per on dreesed as a pirate, and the bolts are always sold out

30 Portland Portland Portland is the largest city in the U.S. state of Oregon and the seat of Multnomah County. It is a major port in the Willamette Valley region of the Pacific Northwest, at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers.

The crowd is always loud at Trail Blazers games - NicholasYellow

31 San Diego San Diego
32 Waterford
33 Southampton
34 Casablanca
35 Saskatchewan Saskatchewan
36 Atlanta

I can't believe I had to add this to the list. Y'all don't even know. Just stop. Have you ever been here? Between GA Tech, the Bulldogs, Alabama, Florida, and Florida State, if you know what football is and you are from America, you have a team and you don't give up on them (trust me, I know. The Bulldogs kind of suck. But loyalty is loyalty)

37 Charlottesville
38 Indianapolis
39 Hamburg
40 Milan
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