Top Ten Best Cities In Brazil


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1 São Paulo

Great opportunities, best transportation infrastructure in Brazil, plenty of options for having fun and very reliable people.

Much better with opportunities and structure in general. + it's very beautiful also

Great taste in music

The best city of the world

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2 Rio De Janeiro Rio De Janeiro Rio de Janeiro, or simply Rio, is anchor to the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area and the second-most populous municipality in Brazil and the sixth-most populous in the Americas.

Beautiful city! You've have also got to see the cutest movie ever, rio!

Come here and see with your own eyes. Simple as this

Rio de Janeiro should be first.I actually agree with my opinion.A lot of things to do,amazing culture and nature and very nice and welcoming people.

3 Salvador

Awesome! A place with rich history, culture, nature and with a very welcoming people.

4 Brasília

I have been there and lived there! You should really visit! Beautiful.

A beautful city with wonderful and paceful places, really nice people, culture and rich hostory.

Imagine an city with awelsome archteture, wonderful views and amazing people and histories. Yes, this city exists and it's called Brasíla.

5 Fortaleza

One of the most beautiful beaches and a wonderful infrastructure. People there are very kind. The best city in all the Northeast region of Brazil

6 Curitiba

The best city of brazil.

Definitely the best capital to live in, is clean and has a very pleasant climate than the rest of the country, Maybe the only problem is the people who live here are not very receptive, not to treat you badly, are just platelets.

Curitiba looks cleaner..
It's such a beautiful city and very organized! At least
For me

Curitiba is WAY BETTER THAN THE OTHER CITIES IN BRAZIL! Should definitely be 1st

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7 Belo Horizonte

A lovely city!

8 Mananus

Manaus is really a great place to live. Nice place to earn some money and very unique spots to see in the middle of the majestic Amazon rain forest. You can add some adventure in the forest and have all the commodities of a big center next to you. At night go check some opera in the Opera House.

Manaus is the better city of Brazil! Search Teatro Amazonas, Belle époque manaus

9 Recife

The capital of Northwestern, Love theís city

Definitely better than Salvador and Manaus, the heart of culture and the capital of northeast region and the "dutch Brazil", Love Recife

The heart of the Northeast Brazil. Truly better then Salvador and Fortaleza. The Dutch of Brazil

10 Porto Alegre

I live there, and probably, there isn’t too much violence occurring there. You should visit! It is awesome, but almost none of the workers speak English. So you won’t understand them. Come visit! It’s awesome! - Gabo147

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11 Vila Velha

Vila Velha best city.

12 Maceió

I live in this city,
even I don't like it,
i'll always love it.

I Love this city and I born in this City! I Love your beaches, and his history.

Faction is having there... I love he

13 Blumenau

It's a very beautiful city, most German descending citizens. It has most festivals and events to enjoy. - Jukass

14 Santos

The best city in the world

15 Natal
16 Niterói

Best city ever

17 Goiânia

Very impressive unknown city

Very crappy

18 Florianópolis
19 Campo Grande
20 Aracaju
21 Joinville
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