Top Ten Cities That Deserve to Be the World Capital

There are hundreds of megacities around the world, This list shows cities with the best-Wealth, GDP, Public Transport, Crime Rate, Facilities and some others.

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1 London, United Kingdom

Well, actually you tried to (and still are trying to) do it. There are not even 30 countries in the world UK didn't try to conquer. Just a fact. I'm not against UK at all, but most people who tried to obtain power usually didn't govern accurately. I wouldn't vote as capital city any of the cities of the "Developed Countries" but I'd rather choose one of the countries that are emerging. In fact, I don't think there should even be a World Capital, for that could create a centralization that could lead to inequity and confront. Politics is complex as it's almost impossible to satisfy everyone. - keyson

The most mature and meaningful comment I have seen on thetoptens in a while. - nasaperson

Sorry about the partiality with the developing and the developed nations, but you cannot guarantee that at one stage the developing nations will be more developed than the previously developed nations. - yatharthb

Are you developed under developed or nearly developed or over developed. Or are you still unsure of your development. - Champmash

Best city in the world bar none, something for everyone here.

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2 New York, United States

It doesn't. You'll regret it. You'd hate it there. It's already over crowded, dirty, full of crime, etc pick some other place

When people think of big cities New York City is what that comes to mind.

It does deserve to be capital. You won't regret it. You'll love it there. It's not actually as crowded, dirty, or crime-filled as some naysayers say.

Most advanced city of this world!

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3 Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo has been the capital of Japan for more than 400 years and been peaceful. it has by far more tradition and technology than any other cities has. It also has energy to create new things.

Considering Imperialist Japan's ambitions was to make it the world capital, ironic.

The largest City in The World can be the World Capital!

This should be number 1!

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4 Paris, France

Paris is economically one of the three strongest cities in the world, bustling with economic activities and also a "Grand" and beautifully made city thanks to Napoléon III & Haussmann. Paris as a city also has the second largest revenue amongst it's companies at around 1.4 trillion USD per year.

This makes Paris the second strongest city in the world just behind Tokyo.

The district of La Defense is the fist is the largest business district in all of Europe and the first in term of number of skylines among the most famous.

Splendid city, architectures from ages to modern building, among the most numerous cathedrals and Churches, abundance of all kinds of restaurants offering top international cuisine and of course French one.

So many theaters, exhibitions, festivals etc...

And that also through the country France.

I don't think there should be a world capital since cities are horrid that is why there should more suburbs on this list. - ketchup

I think that it is a bit too small to be the world capital - yatharthb

5 Hong Kong, China

Love it! - PopGeorge1678

6 Reykjavik, Iceland
7 Moscow, Russia

I think Putin would agree.

Yes, just to put America down to be honest, east should've won the Cold War

No offense, but seriously? Moscow? The
Whole world would be screwed then!

Umm... You do realize that Moscow IS the capital of Russia?

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8 Sydney, Australia

The most beautiful modern city in the world

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9 Edinburgh, Scotland
10 Rome, Italy

Rome is a dirty city, chaotic and Italian are among the worst people in the world and certainly the most lazy, arrogant, rude, obsolete of western Europe.

Rome is a dirty city, chaotic and Italian are among the worst people in the world and certainly the most lazy, arrogant, rude, obsolete of western Europe.

They tried that already, but then they dropped the ball and got beat up by some goth kids. - Torchpost

Rome is now peanuts compared to modern cities.
WOrking there and making business with Italians is absolutely the obstacle course, Italians are so lazy, corruptible, liars and scammers, that it's like a fight against a wall.
And on top of that Rome is an absolute topsy-turvy city, will never be even capital of Europe.
London eats 200 hundreds Rome for its daily breakfast.

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11 Berlin, Germany

Hitler once made it the greatest city in Europe, but imperialists did nothing to develop it. - yatharthb

Berlin is 1 of the best In europe - TheChipotleAnt

Best city.
friendly people
great nightlife

love Berlin

12 Glasgow, Scotland

Yes, Glasgow is certainly one of the most famous capital en the world and in the top 3 in Europe.
Also Scotland is known for its famous castles, beaches and food.

13 Dublin, Ireland
14 Amsterdam, Netherlands
15 Shanghai, China

This would be the best choice. It is about halfway between America and Europe. It's the largest city in the world, bar none (within city limits). It's not the capital of anything else. It's on the edge of China, on the sea, so it could easily be detached from that country to form a Federal District. China has more than a billion people, the detachment of Shanghai would not even put a dent in them. It is a modern and prosperous city, and it already has an international ambience. This would be the best capital for Earth.

It should be the capital of china, No joke Shanghai should really be a capital of china - TheChipotleAnt

The financial capital of Asia and soon the world! - PolishGuy

Beautiful, clean and green City.

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16 Athens, Greece

The country that gave the world light just needs some good leaders instead of the corrupt ones of the recent past.
great people, great food, extremely beautiful and full of history.

17 New Delhi, India New Delhi, India New Delhi is the capital and seat of government of India. It is also a municipality and district in Delhi and serves as the seat of Government of Delhi.

What would the world be like if India wasn't there?

Of course it should.

It is geograpthycaly centre of world

Delhi is the capital of world with out of any dought.9500 year old city of Indus valley civilization. It was capital of emperor kanishk,emperor vikramaditya,emperor Akbar,razia sultan, British empire,even chengis khan.

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18 Chicago, United States

Chicago by far should lead the city cause Chicago is bad ass plain any simple

Food, architecture, places to go, sports teams, THERE THE BEST AT EVERYTHING

I love Chicago, they have music, food, sports. It is a perfect city. Well, unless you count the 107 year cubs losing streak, GL cubs fans :) (i'm not hatin. )

19 Seoul, South Korea Seoul, South Korea Seoul – officially the Seoul Special City – is the capital and largest metropolis of the Republic of Korea, forming the heart of the Seoul Capital Area, which includes the surrounding Incheon metropolis and Gyeonggi province, the world's 14th largest city and second largest metropolitan area. V 1 Comment
20 Toronto, Canada Toronto, Canada Toronto is the capital of the Canadian province of Ontario. It is located within the Golden Horseshoe in Southern Ontario on the northern shore of Lake Ontario.

Toronto deserves to be the capital instead of Ottawa!

The most idyllic western city ever!

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