Best Cities In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


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1 Whiterun

I go to the cloud district often

The home base.

Quiet, open, breath of fresh air, full of people, but not overly cramped. it's also not overly brown or grey like the rest seem to be

The homeland - Johnalove

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2 Riften

Great atmosphere through the entire Rift Hold, safely tucked away from the civil war, plus it's home to so many things that you just can't find anywhere else. Unlocking the shops in the Thieves Guild allows for easy smith-farming, and it also has the best house you can buy in the vanilla game. Not to mention tons of quests you can do.

Cute house and good location.

Whiterun is home but Riften feels alive. It has a fishery, a honey producer, a meadery, a temple, an orphanage, a realistic market, slums, townhouses, a castle, a guest house run by a swinger, the thieves guild, the rich, the poor, the criminals, loads of interconnecting quests, an interesting layout, a metric ton of merchants and a tavern slap bang in the middle where it belongs. Out of all the places in Skyrim it's definitely the one where I would choose to live.

Plenty of merchants to trade and sell your goods at, the Thieves' Guild stronghold, and a straightforward layout of every building. Pleasant to explore.

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3 Solitude

Beautiful city with dangers in the crypts below and one of the best player homes in skyrim in my opinion

Screw imperials take over the city as stormcloaks and its perfect

Everybody who says the Stormcloaks should take over don’t understand lore. Solitude is a beautiful and sunny place. Would recommend to live here.

Most beautiful city

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4 Markarth

I love Markarth! It's kinda like a water park with all the water. Has some the best quests. Love the dwemer theming. It is also the only city to have a dwemer ruin under it. And the city is kinda like a maze. Markarth is the best city ever!

Markarth is probably the most oddly designed city, and sticks out among the others. The overall atmosphere of 'Blood and Silver' makes Markarth the perfect city for prospective mercenaries, and makes roleplaying as an adventurer a breeze.

Had some of the most memorable quests in the game, Cidna mine, Namira, and House of Horrors. It also looks stunning as a city and seems lively compared to some of the others

Shows class and capitalism

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5 Windhelm

Damn grey skins.


Windhelm is fantastic it’s the snowiest city in Skyrim it has a great jarl ulfric stormcloak and the way how the entry is a bridge is insane and it has a great food store an a good black smith Windhelm is the best city in Skyrim

This place is terrible, its confusing, dull and full of annoying people - kempokid

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6 Falkreath

Nice little town with great side quests, good vendors, a nice house if you have hearthfire, and a scenic nordic atmosphere.

Falkreath is a beautiful naturery city and the piece of land called lakeview manor that you can buy is fun for you because some times giants,bandits and vampires come along and when you kill them they always have gold and other useful things on them

When you download the mod "Perfect Falkreath", the town turns out to be one of the best in Skyrim. - aldwych94

You can build a house there called lakeview manor and it has a daedras best friend which gets you either a really sick axe, or a mask, plus a dog as a follower

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7 Riverwood

Riverwood is no doubt the most beautiful and subtle places to visit. It has everything a village should have. And you can even do side jobs to earn money. It might not have full surrounding walls, but its surrounded by to walls on the sides, tall mountains in the back, and a pretty river. If your looking for a little place to hide out, or just chill, Ruverwood is your place to go.

Its beautiful

The scene is beautiful and useful as it's near to White Run and Belgen

Oh, the scenery. Prettiest city no doubt.

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8 Dragon Bridge

Beautiful and interestingly mundane. I can really imagine living there for real.

The scenery around the area is beautiful and the bridge looks really cool. This town is really underrated. - aldwych94

Biggest city no doubt

9 Ivarstead
10 Shor's Stone

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11 Helgen

Helen is ugly and boring

This place is like 9/11

Ok who put helgen up here?! This place is where you died why would you put it up here?! And plus the place is ugly and its occupied by bandits... Not my kinda place.

I klonbebjk town of helgenm

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12 Morthal

Me and Jarl wrinkly-face are best buds. I should buy a plot of land and make my beggar kid move there so I can hang out with my Jarly buddy. - Merilille

13 Rorikstead

Rorikstead is beautiful and a small quiet town great place to live!

14 Raven Rock

Raven Rock is cool it got cool mission like the cool blade and the hammer in you can a warrior pet...

New guards, new houses, new music

Raven Rock was pretty cool because I was Dunmer - matthewwilliams2

Home of most of the Dunmer population of Skyrim, this mining colony features an ebony mine, as well as unique Redoran-themed buildings made of chitin.

15 Oblivion


16 Imperial City

Multiple districts, interactive quests and people... The cities in skyrim are terrible in comparison.

We are talking about SKYRIM cities, people. (but yes, Imperial City is the best.)

This is far by the best city we've experienced in the Elder scrolls series. It has shops,gardens,mages and almost 25% of all oblivion quests! It also has that huge arena!

We are talking about Skyrim cities, even if Imperial City is the best city in the franchise. - LordDovahkiin

17 Dawnstar

Dawnstar is so good that it automatically froze the game when 2 frost dragons attacked the city. great m8 I r8 8/8

Who knows how many times I had to save Dawnstar from Frost and Elder Dragons

The only downside to this magnificent city is that you can’t actually live in it...

Heljarchen Hall is too far away dammit!

Has anyone noticed that Dawnstar rhymes with pornstar?

18 Darkwater Crossing
19 Kynesgrove
20 Stonehills
21 Winterhold

Should be higher to be honest

Why is it so low - venomouskillingmachine

Cool little town, very mysterious

Stop the nightmares

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22 Karthwasten
23 Elsweyr

Nice home of khajiit

24 Fort Hraggstad
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