Top Ten Cities In England


The Top Ten

1 London London London is the capital and most populous city of England and the United Kingdom. Standing on the River Thames in the south eastern part of the island of Great Britain, London has been a major settlement for two millennia.

London is amazing in so many ways, no wonder it's at the top of this list - Ajkloth

Guessed this would be #1 - PositronWildhawk

Obviously London

I would have cried if beautiful, wonderful, historical, friendly London had not been #1
You did well! - Britgirl

2 Liverpool

Universities, a ton of shops and cute cafes around every corner! What is not to like?

The Beatles are from here!

3 Manchester

Great places to worship

Manchester is my heaven

4 Sheffield
5 Leeds

Leeds is actually quite a nice place, despite what people say. - aldwych94

6 Hull
7 Birmingham


I was born there!

8 Bolton
9 York

Yorvik is amazing and York is a great place for a holiday!

10 Bristol

The Newcomers

? Blackpool

Home to pleasure beach, Blackpool tower, sandcastle water park, and many piers. There is so much to and it's basically the entertainment capital of England.

The Contenders

11 Newcastle
12 Oxford
13 Cambridge
14 Plymouth

Sailing, theater, symphony, beaches

Amazing history, loads of landmarks, beaches, Dartmoor E.T.C. great city.

15 Canterbury

Not only is this a city in England, it's also my last name! But I'm an American. I've never been to England, but it would be very fun to visit one day!

I live in Canterbury it's got loads of history should be higher

16 Nottingham

Famous for Robin hood. Industry, history, fame, shopping.
My hometown Clifton, Nottingham is also modern and amazing as well.

17 Brighton
18 Bradford
19 Derby

Culture and passion

20 Dagenham
21 Norwich
22 Bath

A green perfection

23 Middlesbrough
24 Trowbridge
25 Chichester
26 Portsmouth

You've got to love Portsmouth! Spinnaker tower, the shopping centres, the houses, etc... It's also a very clean, modern, safe city with many opportunities. And of course, it is in one of the best counties of the UK: Hampshire!

27 Coventry
28 Salisbury
29 Wimbledon

I live there

30 Leicester
31 Stockton
32 Wolverhampton
33 Luton Luton
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