Top Ten Best Cities In Ethiopia


The Top Ten

1 Addis Ababa

I love this city

2 Mek'ele
3 Dire Dawa
4 Adama
5 Gondar

Home of Fasil Ghebbi AND the capital of Ethiopia during the 1600s.

6 Awasa

Been there, such an amazing place.The huge lake and all the beautiful attractions! I can't think of a better place to be in Ethiopia. Visit if you ever get the chance the people are so nice and the food is exceptionally amazing!

Such a cool city. Less crowded then Addis Ababa, cool attractions, superb restaurants and hotels, nice people. It's a city that has it all. It is so cool, and sunny but the weather is just right. I love it with all my heart.

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7 Bahir Dar

Because she is beaut full town in our country

B/se she has natural turist like tana;abay and so on therefore she is the best town in ethio and also in Africa.

8 Jimma

Best place. Harmonic people. The best coffee in the world. The government of Ethiopia making the place weak to revenge the Amharas there. But the city stays the best in Ethiopia.

9 Dessie
10 Jijiga

It's recently fast growing city

The Contenders

11 Adwa

It was the one that stopped the Italian war, Mekele is just the capital!

12 Harar
13 Lalibela
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