Best Cities of Haryana

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21 Charkhi Dadri

Charkhi Dadri is the best and polution free aria in haryana

22 Fatehabad

Pink city of haryana

23 Bawal
24 Panchkula

One of the best city in Haryana. It is at par with city beautiful Chandigarh.

25 Narnaul

Roads are damaged but a very historical place...

26 Palwal

Palwal is also best city in haryana. Now days palwal also developing city

27 Hansi

Best city

28 Bichhor

Best Village in Nuh district and Haryana.

29 Narwana

Narwana is a smart city in haryana
It devloped too fast
Clean and calm city of haryana
Good place of playing game
No of colleges and school is placed in Narwana
Many CBSC school also placed there
Crime free city
Many tourist place also there and no more rush of roads

30 Ladwa

Best city of haryana best schools clean city

31 Niwarsi

Best city because amrit singh sekhon live here

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