Top Ten Best Cities In Indonesia

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I've went to Bandung a lot of times before. And while my parents don't like Trans Studio Bandung, I actually liked It. And yes, I've ride Dunia Lain

Yes, Asia Africa road, gedung merdeka build, dago road, angklung, beautiful girl, and persib bandung..

KEREN, I agree and so happy cause this is my cities.

It's pretty cool, I guess.


In Surabaya lot of fun recreational areas and Surabaya also has natural attractions with incredible views, examples :

- mangrove nature,

- Kenjeran beach,

- Surabaya zoo,

-Surabaya Bungkul Park, this park is the Best City park in southeast Asia. And this city is a city of heroes for us the people of Indonesia.

Maybe Surabaya is not the capital of Indonesia, but it is cleaner than Jakarta. Surabaya has sidewalk way better than Jakarta. In Surabaya, Sidewalks are in a good condition. Surabaya has city park and the local government care about the city park.

I visited Surabaya several times and I love this city. A big city yet a metropolitan, they sometimes have traffic jam, but the city is arranged beautifully. A green city they said, Trees are everywhere inside the city.

Surabaya was a good city, with a lot of parks and good transportation around the city.


Do you think that most people from Medan are Bataknese? Nope. Medan is so diverse and tolerant!
The population of Batak people not even 35% of Medan population. It is just so diverse! Batak, Malay, Java, Indian, Chinese. You can find a lot of Mixed people in Medan.
The religions in Medan also so diverse, 68% muslim and 32% the others.
It is the third biggest city in Indonesia, and the main gate to explore the beauty of North Sumatra.
North Sumatra is the most tolerant province in Indonesia

œ- The capital of the most tolerant province
- Very diverse (the minority are the majority)
- Strategic location (Close to Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Singapore). The open gate of Sumatra's beauties
- Cheap cost of living
- It is 3rd (or 4th?) biggest city in Indonesia

Diversity is the biggest point though! This city is kinda like Kuala Lumpur for its diversity.


Depok is one of the greatest not only in Indonesia but also in South East Asia..


Semoga palembang making nyaman dan aman

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I really really loves this places. The cultures, education, tourism, friendly peoples, the foods, I just said WOW, WONDERFUL

I'm Hendri Kma votes jogja city


Capital of East Kalimantan

Sungai Mahakam


The best atmosphere and view. Malang surrounded by mountains.

Educational city of Malang.


My home yeah


Padang is the most Famous country in indonesia.


Clean & peaceful. Not like the rest of Indonesia

The most valueable city in Indonesia


Sampit is the city in state of Kalimantan Tengah


The most peaceful country

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