Top Ten Best Cities In Indonesia


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1 Bandung

Bandung that I Love

Bandung wow! PERSIB BANDUNG!

KEREN, I agree and so happy cause this is my cities.

Yes, Asia Africa road, gedung merdeka build, dago road, angklung, beautiful girl, and persib bandung..

2 Surabaya

I visited Surabaya several times and I love this city. A big city yet a metropolitan, they sometimes have traffic jam, but the city is arranged beautifully. A green city they said, Trees are everywhere inside the city.

In Surabaya lot of fun recreational areas and Surabaya also has natural attractions with incredible views, examples :

- mangrove nature,

- Kenjeran beach,

- Surabaya zoo,

-Surabaya Bungkul Park, this park is the Best City park in southeast Asia. And this city is a city of heroes for us the people of Indonesia.

3 Jakarta
4 Palembang

Semoga palembang making nyaman dan aman

5 Bekasi
6 Medan V 1 Comment
7 Tangerang
8 Semarang
9 Makassar
10 Depok

The Contenders

11 Samarinda

Capital of East Kalimantan

12 Malang

My homie

13 Bogor
14 Pontianak
15 Denpasar
16 Yogyakarta

I really really loves this places. The cultures, education, tourism, friendly peoples, the foods, I just said WOW, WONDERFUL

i'm Hendri Kma votes jogja city

17 Sampit V 1 Comment
18 Balikpapan

Clean & peaceful. Not like the rest of Indonesia

V 1 Comment
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1. Jakarta
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3. Bandung



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