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Jerusalem Jerusalem is a city in the Middle East, located on a plateau in the Judaean Mountains between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea.

Should be mourning that Palestine has been literally wiped from history, people don't see how deep it is. A country and its heritage and culture - stolen and rebranded. Jerusalem always was a place for harmony between the 3 religions now it isn't, Israel came in the way
Free paleatine.

A beautiful, spiritual, historic, and romantic city. Alleyways, white limestone, and beautiful sunsets reflecting off the rounded rooftops on a quiet Saturday Sabbath evening.

You really do feel like you're at the center of earth, magnetically. There is no other city on earth, like Jerusalem.

The great holy city. So holy and ancient yet at the center of the conflict. So many mixed emotions when in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is God's chosen Nation and will be protected by God forever.

Tel Aviv

Best city for middle eastern gays and sad people who can't afford uae or qatar

I grew up there. So many wonderful memories...

It is the best I love israel


Haifa, is the best city in Israel, because this is the ultimate co-existence city in Israel. Jews, Christians, Muslims, Bahais, Druzes and many others live and work together, hang out together, mixed couples are everywhere. Very fast developing city. Old city center is being rebuilt, downtown are is being renovated. 2 central bus stations 4 train stops, malls and huge movie theaters. Hiking zones. Many different attractions. Far right hates us because we coexist, far left hates us because we do not share their views. Even Iran promised that Haifa will be one of the first cities to be hit. But we are citizens of a city of peace and understanding.

I didn't say this. There are to much arabs

Mt Carmel Pretty

Rishon LeZion

I'm from Rishon LeZion, Lots of Malls, Beautiful clean Sea, Great air and wheater. Very hot in summern, Never snowed in winter, Barley rain.

Petah Tikva

It's basically Israel's silicon valley in the middle of a desert

The tech capital of the country

Beautiful and underrated city

Great soccer team. Alla hapoel bash


Grew up in Ir Yamim/Ramat Poleg area. Wasn't large or beautiful when I was born, but as I grew up the sand was replaced by grass and the empty areas with skyscrapers. Beautiful city now in most places now, nightlife is nothing like Tel Aviv but definitely nice. Primarily friendly, pretty much - if I were to sum it up, it gets a B
+ in everything.


Holon is a really nice city. It is quite, and beautiful. Good access to cities like Tel Aviv, better than Tel Aviv because it doesn't have a smoking problem. Tel Aviv smells like crap, but Holon is beautiful. Underrated city


When I go to Eilat, I think I'm in Heaven. it's more beautiful than Tel Aviv and it's not as crowded. I also love the sea there full of fish and the hotels there are awesome.

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Bnei Brak

Disgusting comment below. Please just be more respectful of other people.

Don't go there!
its full of penguins


One of the best cities in Israel

Kfar Saba

It's part of Tel Aviv, only more historic, more multicultural and just more interesting.


This is the worst city.

Best city ever like you have everything AND UNLIKE ASHDODE THERE ARNT BOMBS EVERY WEEK


Is this the northern most coastal town

Ramat Gan

Great city, I live here now and I don't evan think about leaving.


Wow you have to see the "harbut"

Karnei Shomron
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