Top Ten Best Cities to Live In the Balkans


The Top Ten

1 Zagreb
2 Ljubljana
3 Tirana

Tirana with its 1 million inhabitants has lots of different places and big disparities at the buildings. The city offers a lot and is developing very quickly. Tirana is going to get a Tram and a new central station that will let you connect to other cities. The most important argument to live there, is the Albanian food! Very very delicious and fair prices!. Not to forget the beach that is not far away from the city!

4 Split

Isn't the name really strange like a city is splitted like the Berlin Wall for some cases - CerealGuy

5 Vinkovci
6 Beograd

It is a city that will become the Dubai of Europe

7 Novi Sad
8 Sarajevo
9 Cazin
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