Top 10 Cities in the Middle East

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1 Dubai Dubai

Dubai is a city that has everything from shopping to best infrastructure and hotels. It is one of the ideal places to live in the Middle East as it has everything to offer to foreign tourists.

Dubai Is A Beautiful, Lovely City With Wonderful Buildings Including The Burj Khalifa Which Is The Biggest Tower In The World. It Has Lovely Shopping Malls And Crazy Fun Waterparks And Theme Parks. Also It Has Lovely Shows Like The Fountain Shows. Even Though It A Lovely City It It Lacking History. The Only Reason It Grew So Fast Is Because Immigrant Workers From India, Pakistan And Bangladesh Heled Build All These Buildings.

I think Dubai is an amazing city for shopping, best dining places, great concerts all year round, but it lacks history. three days will be enough.

1. Dubai
2. Istanbul
3. Tehran
4. Abu Dhabi
5. Mecca
6. Beirut
7. Riyadh
8. Jeddah
9. Kuwait City
10. Doha

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2 Beirut Beirut

Beirut is absolutely the best city in the Middle East.. Hospitality, Nightlife, Beaches, International food... It's the Paris of the Middle East!

I totally agree... A city that is modern and antique at the same time! I simply love the city because it's a city that is very charming. Definitely a city everyone should visit in a lifetime.. Try to be more original and try Beirut instead of Paris!

Lebanese wife... Best food in the region, most beautiful coastline that I've ever seen, gorgeous mountains, and food that will redefine your religious beliefs.

Best city in the middle east, its beautiful charming and will make you feel at home, one word to describe it CRAZY

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3 Istanbul Istanbul

Istanbul is an old city! And does have this days a lot of world wide business companies! In addition that it's have the best climate in middle east, and it's are a nationalities Complex! And we can not deny the nightlife in Istanbul! Also it is the 2nd largest city in the world with 13 million population!, and The best and the modernest transportation linking their parts to each other! And rather than that it's a Complex between East and West, and the more you search the more you get about Istanbul! As Napoleon said, "If the world was a single state, Istanbul were the capital"

Constantinople still has many great attractions worth seeing. It is a European city, locked in a West Asian country, and many relics from the Roman and Ottoman Empire can be found. If you want a "middle eastern" feel, visit the markets and haggle. Do humor the locals and refer to it under its incorrect name Istanbul, the name will be corrected in time...

Istanbul is NOT an Arabic city like others, European kind of people lives in Turkey.

It's nice but it's not very safe because of ISIS.

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4 Jerusalem Jerusalem Jerusalem is a city in the Middle East, located on a plateau in the Judaean Mountains between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea.

A truly phenomenal city! I felt right at home, and, blimey, I live quite a distance from Israel.

It's a holy city to three religions including mine and is the capital of a promised land holy to four religions.

The "So"-called holy city, however it's quite diverse with three major religions that form up as a community

Jerusalem is holy! Its cool, old, fun, sacred, holy, and important. Beirut is boring, Istanbul should be called Constantinople, and well Dubai is actually really really cool but not as cool as Jerusalem.

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5 Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi is the capital and the second most populous city of the United Arab Emirates, and also capital of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the largest of the UAE's seven emirates.

Clean, organized, has unique buildings that can also be world record and people are peaceful and friendly

Green city in middle east, less traffic other than other capital city in Gulf countries

Its close to Dubai and very nice


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6 Tehran

Best city in middle east. With excellent Persian food and also modern city where you can relax Iranians call it city of light.

Very modern and clean metropolitan city.the living standards (housing, public transportation, medical facilities, ) in Tehran is way better than other middle eastern cities.

I have heard from lots of people who travelled to Tehran, they fell in love with the city. Another remark was about rich culture and friendly people of Tehran.

The most beautiful city in the world

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7 Kuwait City

Freedom, rich, historical, big city, smart and educated westernised people with a Democratic constitution

The city is appealing to see, the people are very friendly and the food is probably the best food I had in the middle east!

Kuwait City is a small beautiful city a mix of New York and Paris with amazing architecture and many wonderful things to do

Really Amazing city! Best Malls in middle east and really nice Skyscrappers

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8 Manama

According to a local Bahrani, Manama is "as you like". It's got a nice lived-in feel and is open like Dubai - and much less expensive!

Free place for every one

Tiny but beautiful, to be honest, nothing compares with Bahrain in the Mid-east its very chill and laid back, lots of history and just enough entertainment!

Incredible laid back country, people are so positive and respectful too!

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9 Riyadh

This city holds the economy of whole Middle East. I don't think this is deserved to be best, but Riyadh deserved to be the most powerful city in Middle East.

Nice large modern clean city with lots of rich historical places in and around Riyadh.

Its really really classy city I love been there and I got chocked I thought ill go to a forgotten city in the middle of the dessert but life over there was overwhelming big streets luxury cars tall towers eveywhere a lot of nice malls it's a city that I wont say no to live in everyday

Awesome and pretty city in Middle East

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10 Jeddah

Has tallest light house, tallest flag pole, and soon tallest building! This is the real life version of Supermassive galaxy from SMG2 - TeamRocket747

East or west, Jeddah is the best!

Beautiful city Jeddah

Jeddah is mother land for all foriegners

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11 Bethlehem

I love it. One of the best cities. A rich culture.

12 Sharm el-Sheikh

That's the real meaning of vacation. Sunshine in the morning and dancing all night... Delicious food... Nice people everywhere... Everyday is different... Lots of activists throughout the day.
I highly recommend it to stressful corporate employes and to all incentive vacations. It's a lifetime trip.

Relax like you don't have a thing to do.

Nightlife, peacefulness, coral reefs, colourful fish, its simply a beauty given by nature!

Sharm el Sheikh isn’t in the Middle East. It’s in Egypt

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13 Tel Aviv

The most modern city in the Middle East with a vibrant nightlife scene beautiful beaches, amazing weather and high technology

Best city in the world!

Going to be the next nyc soon!

The LA of the Middle East!

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14 Doha

Doha is one of the best places to live in. It is safe (al hamdullah), it has lots of shopping, the West Bay is amazing, everything in Doha is just great!. I would recommend you to visit Doha before the year 2022 because that's the year when Qatar is going to host the FIFA World Cup. I hope you visit Doha and love the city, and maybe want to live there!

Most amazing place in terms of safety and hospitality, great malls, beautiful beach, katana and pearl Qatar are must visit places.
Have one of the best corniche in the entire Middle East. I've been to the others, but I happen to it's the best. Most beautiful city lights during Qatar national days

Safe city friendly people will be the most developed city

Must visit

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15 Mecca

I like clock tower

Mecca is not allowed to enter for non Muslim. If I can visit there, I will.

Mecca wil be great

Mecca houses the Ka'bah and it was also where Muhammad (pbuh) lived for some time. As a Muslim, It is the most important place as the Quran was revealed there. I love Madinah equally but I cannot deny that this is where Muhammad (pbuh)'s prophet-hood started. It's even a necessity for Muslims to go for pilgrimage at least once at Mecca. - NoobTuber

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16 Muscat

You have to see it to believe. Muscat is perhaps the most underrated city in the Gulf/Middle East. But I haven't met a single individual who has visited Muscat and not been surprised by it's natural beauty. The capital city of the Sultanate of Oman has a great history and strikes a perfect balance between the modern and the traditional. The souqs, forts and the royal palace in the Old city live in perfect harmony with horticultured road networks, parks, malls and restaurants that serve you food from around the world. Surrounded by the Hajar mountains on one side and the Sea of Oman on the other, Muscat has constantly been rated as among the cleanest cities in the region, and perhaps in the world. The Omani capital is also counted among the Top-5 friendliest cities in the world and the most friendliest in Middle East. This reflects in the hospitality of the city and its people. Muscat is truly the 'Hidden Gem of Arabian!

It's one of its kind! A must visit place and perfect place to call home... Great nation with great leader... Amazing beaches a lot things to do if you are out door... Cost if lyf is good. Muscat the best city in the gulf.

It's a unique city with beautiful mountains... Less traffic compared to other cities in Middle East

One the most beautiful and peaceful cities

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17 Amman

Beautiful, up and coming city!

Clean, Organized, Stable and safe city. Booming nightlife scene as well as a good underground art scene including music, theater and stand-up comedy.

Amman is one of the best cities in the Middle East, People are friendly, you can be yourself and feel like you are home, it's clean and it has both modern and Middle Eastern life style, it should be in top 3 at least!

Amman has an up and coming hip hop scene. I'm also a big fan of their soccer team, Al Wehdat Sporting Club. It's a great place to live if you're part of the Jordanian diaspora, have the majority of your family overseas, but want to move back to Jordan.

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18 Dammam

Dammam is open city?

I love dammam

Most friendly people in the world... they are so kind...

love it

19 Byblos

Byblos is the most fantastic city in Lebanon. A very good shops, museums...

Byblos is the cradle of alphabet. I invite everybody to visit!

One of the oldest inhabited cities in the world.. Beautiful until today

Best in middle east of historical feel.I've been there twice and go again.the food is amazing at the marina,fresh seafood hourly


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20 Cairo Cairo

The best both in the middle East and Africa

Top restaurants great nightlife and a study by badoo the world's most 24 hour city

I Think Cairo Should be in at Least the top 10,This is A Beautiful City,and it has One of the World's Wonders.

HISROTY HISTORY HISTORY... Cairo is a million city places to go... You ll never feel bored for a second... Worth a visit.
I never have enough of my favorite places there.

21 Damascus Damascus

Its no4 safest place on world amman is very ugly and dirty

Yea I love it too

Best city in the world!

This city have so sooo manny historical buildings and best resturants in the worl visit it you will not lose your time

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22 Tbilisi Tbilisi

Tbilisi is an absolutely wonderful place to live. It is extremely inexpensive and the people are very hospitable. I lived there for three years, and after my husband finishes his military service, we will be making Tbilisi our permanent home. They international schools and universities. The food is fresh and inexpensive. I just can't say enough about how amazing this city is.

Not exactly Middle Eastern, but very beautiful nevertheless

Proud to be Georgian - TopT3ns

Tbili - in Georgian means -warm. so, this city is so warm with it's peple, buildigs, culture, fresh food and hospitality

23 Baku

The city is a mix of traditional and modern. It is a perfect place to go for cheap travelers who want to have the most of what it could bring them. It's also safe for americans, NOT armenians. But if you are not from Armenia and armenian, you are safe. So yeah, choose baku!
Honorable mentions

24 Isfahan

Isfahan is half of the world

The most Rich architecture

One of the bests in the world...

Very very beauty and safe city

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25 Medina

Should be higher

26 Sana'a

Sana'a city has its own charater can not find it in any other city.


27 Diyarbakır

Its old city with amazing location and kurdish people's is very kind and amazing food

Beutifull city

I love diyarbakir and erbil city I love kurdish people too

28 Baghdad

Iraq has too many cities why you have mentioned Baghdad...

Amazing City, one of the best in terms of history. A great city to visit!


One of the greatest cities in world history, and a world-class, cosmopolitan Middle Eastern city of power. By the way, why aren't Erbil and Sulaimaniyah not included here?

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29 Jounieh

2nd best city in Lebanon

Best city in Lebanon


30 Tunis
31 Aden

Beautiful coastal area with great beaches

32 Shiraz

Best city I ever seen I love go again and visit shiraz again very friendly people and very historical city

I think shiraz is the best historic city in the world for tourists
Very clean and beautiful
I love shiraz

Awssome city that every one will love...
Famous for many shooing malls..

33 Hamedan

Iran hamedan city -

34 Tripoli
35 Tabriz
36 Yemen Yemen Yemen, officially known as the Republic of Yemen, is an Arab country in Western Asia, occupying the southwestern to the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula.

*sigh* did Nick Crompton come on TheTopTens? - TeamRocket747

37 Aqaba Aqaba

It's not too big and not too small.

38 Erbil

One of the most liberal, beautiful cities in the Middle East. A charming blend of Dubai, Beirut, Istanbul, Baghdad, all in one unique, cosmopolitan city in Iraq! Great history, dining-scene, nightlife, and many modern amenities of a world-class 21st century metropolis.

39 Mosul Mosul
40 Aleppo

Something's not right, aleppo 41? it is the oldest city in the world plus the capital of Islamic heritage in 2006...

Aleppo, is the 2nd oldest city in the world, Byblos (Lebanon) is.

How is Aleppo at 28? It should be at least in the top ten

Only God tjing to say about it

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41 Hurghada

Hurgada has awesome view at the red sea and contian very high hotels and resorts it is the best place to go to relax

42 Khobar

Beautiful very diverse

43 Khobar
44 Jbeil


45 Ehden
46 Mashhad

Mashhad is one of the best religious and modern city to visit

Mashhad has very big shopping center same as padide

47 Yerevan

Best city in northern Middle East

48 Buraydah
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