Top 10 Cities in the Middle East

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21 Damascus

Its no4 safest place on world amman is very ugly and dirty

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22 Tbilisi

Tbilisi is an absolutely wonderful place to live. It is extremely inexpensive and the people are very hospitable. I lived there for three years, and after my husband finishes his military service, we will be making Tbilisi our permanent home. They international schools and universities. The food is fresh and inexpensive. I just can't say enough about how amazing this city is.

Not exactly Middle Eastern, but very beautiful nevertheless

Tbili - in Georgian means -warm. so, this city is so warm with it's peple, buildigs, culture, fresh food and hospitality

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23 Baku
24 Isfahan

Isfahan is half of the world

The most Rich architecture

One of the bests in the world...

Very very beauty and safe city

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25 Medina

Should be higher

26 Sana'a

Sana'a city has its own charater can not find it in any other city.


27 Diyarbakır

Its old city with amazing location and kurdish people's is very kind and amazing food

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28 Jounieh

2nd best city in Lebanon

Best city in Lebanon

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29 Aden

Beautiful coastal area with great beaches

30 Shiraz

Best city I ever seen I love go again and visit shiraz again very friendly people and very historical city

I think shiraz is the best historic city in the world for tourists
Very clean and beautiful
I love shiraz

Awssome city that every one will love...
Famous for many shooing malls..

31 Hamedan

Iran hamedan city -

32 Tripoli
33 Aleppo

Something's not right, aleppo 41? it is the oldest city in the world plus the capital of Islamic heritage in 2006...

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34 Hurghada

Hurgada has awesome view at the red sea and contian very high hotels and resorts it is the best place to go to relax

35 Baghdad

Iraq has too many cities why you have mentioned Baghdad...

One of the greatest cities in world history, and a world-class, cosmopolitan Middle Eastern city of power. By the way, why aren't Erbil and Sulaimaniyah not included here?

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36 Khobar

Beautiful very diverse

37 Khobar
38 Jbeil
39 Ehden
40 Mashhad

Mashhad is one of the best religious and modern city to visit

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