Top Ten Best Cities In the Midwest United States


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1 Chicago, Illinois

Great Capital of The Midwest

2 Omaha, Nebraska

Had to put my city first guys. - EpicJake

3 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee is awesome but they really need to change their city flag! Have you seen that atrocity?

4 Kansas City, Missouri

The best by far

5 Lincoln, Nebraska
6 Des Moines, Iowa

How it's under Omaha is beyond me. - JakePlaid

It's amazing

7 Minneapolis, Minnesota

I might also add that while we are certainly not free of racists, Minneapolis is very diverse and proud of it. In Keith Ellison, Minneapolis elected the nation's first Muslim congressman and he is terrific. Native son Walter Mondale was the first presidential candidate ever to name a woman as his running mate. Minneapolis is a trailblazing city, and proud of it.

Chicago is the only city rated ahead of Minneapolis that has teams in all four major pro sports. We also trail only Chicago and New York in the number of theaters for all U.S. Cities! The nightlife is terrific, there are churches everywhere, we have beautiful lakes and trees. It does get cold in the winter but you dress for it and at least people up here know how to drive in it. Minneapolis should definitely be moved up, I have no desire to live anywhere else!

8 Detroit, Michigan

Most of the people who hate on Detroit aren't even from around here. People believe all of the rumors that are made up about it. Sure there are some bad neighborhoods, but all cities have those. Detroit has a sense of pride that most other cities don't.

Detroit, Michigan should not be on this list. It's one of the most dangerous cities In the USA!

Detroit is awesome it's the place to live

9 St. Louis, Missouri
10 Indianapolis, Indiana

Very down to earth

The Contenders

11 Council Bluffs, Iowa
12 Cleveland, Ohio
13 Grand Island, Nebraska
14 Denver, Colorado

Denver is not in the Midwest. - TopTenJackson

15 Cincinnati, Ohio
16 Madison, Wisconsin
17 Wichita, Kansas
18 Augusta, Wisconsin
19 Eau Claire, Wisconsin
20 Columbus, Ohio
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1. Cleveland, Ohio
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1. Chicago, Illinois
2. Detroit, Michigan
3. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
1. Chicago, Illinois
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