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1 Chicago, Illinois

Amazing city

Illinois is Awesome

This is a very great place because you’ve got Navy Pier, the Willis Tower and lots of other fun stuff to do! - JoeBoi

Great Capital of The Midwest

2 Minneapolis, Minnesota

I live here and gives me a very cool vibe.

Moved from San Francisco to MSP, it has been great, very unique. Get a nice jacket for the winter and comfortable flip flops in the summer, they really have it all here...

I might also add that while we are certainly not free of racists, Minneapolis is very diverse and proud of it. In Keith Ellison, Minneapolis elected the nation's first Muslim congressman and he is terrific. Native son Walter Mondale was the first presidential candidate ever to name a woman as his running mate. Minneapolis is a trailblazing city, and proud of it.

Minneapolis/st.Paul...and particularly Minneapolis is booming in size and development all you see is cranes everywhere,not to mention the nightlife and overall vibe...definitely number 2 in my opinion by a long shot...sorry other cities but Minneapolis just has that it factor that all other midwest cities outside of Chicago don't...

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3 Milwaukee, Wisconsin

How are we number 3

Obviously Chicago is the best, but Milwaukee is 100% the most underrated (coming from a Floridian). Lets be real here, Milwaukee is the one of the dopest sounding city names in the entire country, yet everyone always forgets about it, which is total bs.

great city

Milwaukee is awesome but they really need to change their city flag! Have you seen that atrocity?

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4 Kansas City, Missouri

I moved here from Houston, Texas. I love the hills and the skyline, traffic isn't bad, great BBQ and nice people.

Average size Metropolitan city with beautiful houses and suburbs. Less than an hour away from University of Kansas. (Have you seen the Sky Line at night? ) beautiful city indeed. Country Club Plaza is one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

Best ever great community

Gorgeous City! Just a very cool city.

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5 Indianapolis, Indiana

Very very very fun

Very down to earth

6 St. Louis, Missouri St. Louis, Missouri St. Louis is an independent city and inland port in the U.S. state of Missouri. It is situated along the western bank of the Mississippi River, which marks Missouri's border with Illinois.


It's EpicJake here today guys doing a slime unboxing video! SMASH that like button! Ring that bell! Subsrib!

Lincoln Nebraska is the best city in the WORLD!

7 Omaha, Nebraska

Clean and fun

Perfect size and culture.

Omaha is the best of summer fun!

Best quality of life. Everything you need in a 20 minutes city.

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8 Detroit, Michigan Detroit, Michigan

Chicago is more dangerous to be honest.

It is really nice

Eventhough Detroit is dangerous, it still has a rich history. Sure crimes happen all over the city but that is mostly in the neighborhoods. Downtown is beautiful though, so much to see and do

Motown, Motor City, HockeyTown, Paris of the Midwest...should I keep going?

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9 Des Moines, Iowa

Second best city in Iowa. (Iowa City is still the best)

How it's under Omaha is beyond me. - JakePlaid

It's amazing

10 Cincinnati, Ohio

One of the better, mid sized, cities I've worked in in the midwest. Has a very unique feel, the people are extremely nice and welcoming, seems like a diverse and steadily growing economy, and best of all the price of living is extremely low and you still get a big city feel and have a ton of events going on all the time. Many new entertainment districts and you can get like a pretty nice 2,000+ SF home 10 minutes outside of the city for around $190,000k in very safe and well kept neighborhoods.

It is a great city filled with European charm and a Hipster vibe. Over-the-Rhine and the Ohio River front are awesome places to exlpore.

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11 Lincoln, Nebraska

Lots of free things to do, parks, lakes, camping, a good distance to other big cities for vacation spots, and a decent nightlife.


12 Columbus, Ohio

One of the most diverse and best cities in the Midwest. Has consistently out performed other cities in grwoth and quality and now is the 2nd largest city in the Midwest behind Chicago.


13 Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio

Playhouse Square, West Side Market, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and some awesome local food. Oh...and the Browns are good now

Please love us

14 Council Bluffs, Iowa
15 Grand Island, Nebraska
16 Madison, Wisconsin
17 Grand Rapids, MI

Crushin it!

18 Denver, Colorado Denver, Colorado

Denver is not in the Midwest.

19 Cedar Rapids, Iowa
20 Eau Claire, Wisconsin

I used to live in Eau Claire. Beautiful place out in west Wisconsin - PackFan2005

21 Duluth, Minnesota

Cool up on Lake Superior

Basically the only tourist our just Minnesotans and a couple of Canadians - RawIsgore

22 Ann Arbor, Michigan


23 Prospect Heights, Illinois

Okay, this is just a suburban town of Chicago. Well, whatever. - JoeBoi

24 Traverse City, MI

Took the train up there years ago and never stopped liking the area. Let's hope that the celebrities don't move in and poison the atmosphere.

25 Rochester, MI

Really Rochester MI not MN Rochester MN had the Mayo Clinic what does this city in MI have no really please tell me - RawIsgore

26 New Haven, MI
27 Dearborn, MI
28 Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin

I love this place. it produces good suite-mates.

29 Glen Arbor, MI
30 Grosse Pointe Shores, MI
31 Harrison Township, MI
32 Saint Clair Shores, MI
33 Ludington, MI
34 Grand Haven, MI
35 Livonia, MI
36 Warren, MI
37 Augusta, Wisconsin
38 Wichita, Kansas

It should be at #5

This place rocks. I’ve been both here, all over Kansas, Colorado, and all over Missouri, and Wichita beats them all by far. Much friendly people as well.

I don't know why it’s all the way down here to be honest

39 Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Great City

40 Springfield, Missouri
41 Dayton, Ohio
42 Muskegon, MI
43 Grosse Pointe, MI
44 Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
45 Holland, MI
46 Rochester Hills, MI
47 Grosse Pointe Farms, MI
48 Port Huron, MI
49 Huron Point, MI
50 South Haven, MI
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