Best Cities In Nebraska and Iowa


The Top Ten

1 Lincoln, NE

The Capitol of the state - EpicJake

2 Omaha, NE

This is the city where I live. - EpicJake

3 North Platte, NE
4 Grand Island, NE

I live here! Great city

5 Sidney, NE
6 Hancock, IA
7 Des Moines, IA
8 Seward, NE

Great city, in fact it’s where the worlds largest time capsule is! - Bigbigboy

9 Council Bluffs, IA

Once you go east of Omaha, you're in this city! - EpicJake

10 Fremont, NE

The Contenders

11 Scottsbluff, NE
12 Cedar Rapids, IA
13 Wahoo, NE
14 Ames, IA
15 Bellevue, NE
16 Iowa City, IA
17 Ankeny, IA
18 Independence, IA
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1. Des Moines, IA
2. Omaha, NE
3. Cedar Rapids, IA
1. Seward, NE
2. Lincoln, NE
3. Scottsbluff, NE
1. Omaha, NE
2. Lincoln, NE
3. Grand Island, NE

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