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21 Columbus V 1 Comment
22 Hartford

It's a small market, but there are proven sports fans thanks to the Whalers. It could give a nice New England rivalry between Boston.

23 Durham, NC

Durham has no pro-sports at all. They need a MLB Team. This is a perfect city for one. Their Innerleague rival could be Raleigh. There is a lot of open space on Interstate 85 and Interstate 40. Those open spaces would be a great place to build the Stadium. Some good team names could be the Durham 85ers,40ers. I would be really happy if this happened.

24 Lexington, KY

Lexington is growing...It's a huge sports town Uk basketball sold out every game!

25 Cedar Rapids, IA
26 Virginia Beach

Maybe the team should be in Norfolk because they're the city in the area that has a minor league team.

The city would make a ton of money off the beach crowd with a baseball team - andrewerdna100

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27 Madison, WI

Wisconsin already has a team but they need a better rival

28 Memphis

Memphis should get a team because the people in Memphis go to St. Louis for the Cardinals. If Memphis gets a team, the Innerleague rival would be Nashville. In my opinion the Memphis team should be in the National League and the Nashville team in the American League.


29 Tucson

Tucson is a great baseball town

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30 Omaha V 1 Comment
31 Jersey City V 1 Comment
32 Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is great city for baseball, could play at Fifth Third

33 Riverside, CA
34 Santa Ana
35 Sacramento
36 Raleigh

Raleigh has NHL Team the Carolina Hurricanes. Raleigh needs more sports like MLB. So I think Raleigh can get good support. The Innerleague rival would be Durham. The Raleigh team would be in the American League and the Durham team would be in the National League.

37 Jackson, MS
38 Waterford, CT
39 Concord, CA
40 San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan had the Montreal Expos average attendance go up by 2,000 people! San Juan deserves a baseball team and Montreal.

Sam Juan and Montreal are my picks.

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