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61 Honolulu

To far from the mainland and there isn't enough of a fan base

62 Compton

This idea is just great. For one, half the people in Compton can't afford basic living, let alone extra money for baseball tickets. And imagine a gang just shooting up the entire crowd! This is the worst one the the entire list

63 Port Angeles, WA

I don't think hunk this city is marked on a map

64 Mobile, AL

Mobile needs some pro-sports badly. They need MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLS. The closest team to Mobile is probally the Atlanta Braves.

65 Bristol, TN
66 Montgomery, AL

This is the second time it has been on this list

67 Moxahala, Ohio

No way. This city is in the middle of a forest!

It is perfect for a small town team

Ok, this one is just plain stupid. I live in Ohio and don't know where Moxahola is!

68 Augusta, Maine
69 Ottawa
70 Winnipeg
71 Tulsa, OK
72 Charleston, WV
73 Asheville, NC

Everybody says Charlotte needs a team I think Asheville would be great,not a long drive to Asheville from Charlotte,beautiful city and great people,the tourists (minor league team) are pretty good maybe just an upgrade.

74 Oshkosh, WI
75 San Jose

A few years ago the Athletics were talking about moving to San Jose. Unfortunately, due to T.V. rights and the such, any move was prevented, but who's to say it's a permanent shelving of plans? The city already supports a professional franchise in the San Jose Sharks, so why couldn't they support a smaller-market baseball team?

76 London, UK

With MLB's willingness to begin playing regular season games in London and the NFL interested in moving a franchise to London, it wouldn't be impossible to have MLB in the US, Canada, and the UK in the near future.

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77 Quebec City
78 Victoria
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