The Top Best Cities In Nigeria


The Top Ten

1 Lagos

Of course number one!
Eko beach, eko Atlantic and eko night club all trending in this big city.
Victorian island having the best infrastructure in west africa and probably one of african's best.

2 Kano

It incredible and amazing city

3 Ibadan

Best City in Nigeria is ibadan

4 Port Harcourt

Best planned city with modern facilities and internationalized.

What else do you expect form a state rich in oil?!

5 Kaduna
6 Benin City
7 Maiduguri
8 Zaria
9 Gusau
10 Karu

The Contenders

11 Akure
12 Calabar

How was this not on here originally?

13 Enugu

Best city in the east. Good scenes on hill top. It should be on top 10

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14 Abuja

Abuja is the very best love. It should basically be on the number one spot because it is like the Dubai of Nigeria. So if you have never visited Abuja, I reckon you pack your bags and take a trip or a wonderful, fun and adventurous city. Hasta maƱana

15 Ondo City

Sunshine state

16 Agbor
17 Asaba
18 Igbuzor
19 Uyo
20 Oyo
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