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21 Sahiwal

The most paeaceful city of Pakistan, and best for living, all necessities og life are available, well and properly is Lahore

Most Peace Full And Having All Professions And uppertunities. Govrnment should estblish a university here for higher studies

22 Jhang

Jhang Is Best

23 Muzaffarabad

Muzaffarabad is part of pakistan muzaffarabad is part of kashmir

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24 Swat

It should be number 1

Paradise on earth, the Switzerland of Pakistan, if some one want to see paradasie, so come to swat, the real natural beauty on earth

It is the best

It's the best place! Heaven in Pakistan! Good then the cities of India! I love my county Pakistan 🇵🇰 🇵🇰🇵🇰

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25 Bannu

Bannu is the best city In Pakistan Bannu's people are very loving and careing.

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26 Murree

It is very beautiful and green place

It's a bad place and I don't like it

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27 Jhelum

Love you Jhelum

I love Jhelum at winter it's cold and at summer it's very hot.I am from a village in Jhelum called kala deo.


I am Muneeb from the Great city of Soldiers JHELUM.
I lived in village KALA DEV which is away from the Bazar only 5 km...
If u come the Jhelum than please Visit ROHTAAS FORT..JHELUM RIVER...& KHEEWRA...KHANIQAAH E SULTANIA

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28 Dera Ghazi Khan

Good info

love you

Dgkhan is most beautiful city of Pakistan. Fort munro is one of the best visiting place. Many other place are also available like sakhi sarwar indus river etc. Dgkhan is the city of beautiful mountains.

D.G Khan is the central city and also the heart of pakistan... The city have many visiting places like Fort Minru.. There are many magnificient housing colonies like Indus housing colony in D.G Khan... D.G Khan is a junction of all the four provinces of Pakistan...

29 Rahim Yar Khan

I think its ranking needs to be updated.

Should be in top 15

The most developing city having historical places. Many colleges. schools, brands are open. The need of citizens for University is completed by Punjab Govt. by the opening of Mini UET (KFUEIT).


30 Khanpur

I love this city. It is most beautiful city in the world. I born here

31 Renala Khurd
32 Kallar Kahar
33 Mamu Kanjan

Never heard of this city

34 Nasirabad
35 Jaffarabad
36 Kasur

Kasur is beautiful city. It is historical city. Famous for leather.
Saint baba bullahay shah

37 Kotli

I voted Kotli because I'm from Mirpur and Mirpur isn't on the list. Bare love for all the kotlians and all the Pahari people of AK

38 Bhalwal

Bhalwal is known as citrus city, green, beautiful and peaceful city.

Bhalwal is known as the city of citrus.
This city is full of greenery and a lot of citrus's groves.Bhalwal is also a industrial city a lots of industries are there like Noon Sugar Mill Lmt.Nurpur Pakistan Lmt.
The major thing of papularity of this city is Citrus.This city have the best citrus of the hole world.They produces a larg amount of Fesh and juicy Citrus in the world.The Citrus which is produced here Exports to hole wide world.
If there is any Citrus you will see that's belong to BHALWAL...🙂

39 Kohat V 1 Comment
40 Pando Thana
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