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41 Sukkur

There is a Pakistan's Strongest and Biggest bridge and its also nice seeing.

Its Very Nice city it has a big hills of Pakistan

Very safest city of Pakistan and also 3rd biggest city of sindh

42 Chakri

Chakri Is A Village.

43 Pindi Bhattian
44 Turbat
45 Sibi
46 Lasbela
47 Zhob
48 Gwadar

Gwadar is a part of CPEC...
Economy of Gwadar will equal to Economy of Dubai in 2025...
Future of Pakistan...

49 Hub
50 Ziarat
51 Naran
52 Chapri

The most beautiful village in Pakistan.

53 Khanewal

It is the host city to the second largest railway station in Pakistan.

Khanewal is a city and the capital of Khanewal District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is the host city to the second largest railway station in Pakistan. Khanewal is located at 30°18'0N 71°55'0E with an altitude of 128 metres.

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54 Mian Channu

Is Small but Good City For Living it is Call Little Lahore

A great city wd great and peaceful people in Punjab...

This is my city. people is good but traffic and encroachment is big problem. Land price very high because people can not like to move and many people live abroad send remittance to family mean people buying power is better then some other cities.

Uzair Mahmood Malik
Bhutta Center Upper Storey HBL
Mian Channu

55 Khanpur
56 Chiniot
57 Gilgit-Baltistan V 2 Comments
58 Sambrial
59 Wazirabad

There is a village name thatta fakirullah
my all great great great great grand father lived there and people said that it is 400 or 300 years old

60 Panjgoor
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