Best Cities in Poland


The Top Ten

1 Krakow

The Best! Old Capital and the most ancient city in this region. A lot of monuments and the best place for an all-night fun in the clubs and pubs.

One thing about this city is the cultural "backwardness".

Krakow is one of the most polluted cities in the world.

It's not full of shopping centres and you can enjoy the winter and Sumer by activities like skiiing

2 Warsaw

I went to Warsaw and I loved it

its okay - kingazpl

Warsaw is a bucket of piss to drown rats in.

Warsaw is a large cow town.

3 Wrocław

Wroclaw is one of the buttcracks of Europe.

Love it

Inspiring, busy, thrilling at times. Great Old Town with lots of bridges, old churches, cathedrals, hundreds of restaurants and cafes. Definitely great city to live in and to stop by!

It's so pretty!

4 Poznań

Have been there once, and have been treated better than all my life in Warsaw
Warsaw is a rat race

Poznan more clean city and decent people with brain and heart

Poznan is the best

5 Lodz

Unique and original with industrial and film history. And Piotrkowska Street as one of the most beautuful streets in Europe.

Probably the most underrated city in Poland, but in fact, it's really beautiful!

6 Gdańsk

LOVE IT - kingazpl

The Hanseatic architecture makes this 1000 year old city stand out!

Becouse moja zona from there

7 Szczecin

Go and see. Its different kind of Poland

8 Kostrzyn
9 Bydgoszcz

My family can be traced to this city, as well as Poznań.

10 Lublin

The Contenders

11 Chojnice
12 Bartoszyce
13 Malbork
14 Katowice

my home - kingazpl

City with big potentials.

Interesting city with silesian culture. Very big park and Folk Village nearby Katowice. Coal mine companies etc.

15 Sanniki

Greatest city in Poland.

16 Pochodzita
17 Bytom
18 Rzeszow
19 Swinoujscie

The place is beautiful and cheap,and everyone there is nice and almost everyone understands English.

20 Opole

Best kurwa

21 Wyszków

Near Warsaw, small town, with a river and beautiful park

22 Wieliczka
23 Mietniów
24 Sosnowiec

I love jokes about this city, but it's actually a nice city to live in.

25 Wola Ranizowska
26 Slupsk
27 Częstochowa

This a historical place of german, poland and russia with the one the most popular monastery of the world Jasna Góra(Light Mountain)

28 Kielce
29 Olsztyn
30 Świecie

Rich town, proud locals, beatiful landscapes, perfect roads.

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