Top Ten Best Cities In Portugal


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1 Lisbon

Very good city! Top 5 from Europe
Far better than porto!

Lisbon the best city ❤️✨

Lisbon of course 👌

2 Porto

Porto is amazing. They have the best portuguese football team and it's a beautiful city with so many good places to visit and very happy and friendly people.

Describing a soccer team as the main thing about a city is disgusting... Portugal is much more than soccer.

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3 Vila Nova de Gaia
4 Braga
5 Amadora

I don't think amadora is a place you would like to be because there is a lot of crimes and honestly you don't have much to see in amadora

6 Funchal
7 Coimbra

I lived in Coimbra... so beautiful and peaceful! It has the oldest University in Europe! Check it; Universidade de Coimbra (portuguese).

I am from Portugal 🇵🇹 Coimbra is magical place to be in it puts a huge smile on your face. You should stop by Kk? Gtg

8 Setúbal
9 Almada
10 Agualva-Cacém

A sério? Lol... Não

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11 Aveiro
12 Leiria

A small city with good living quality.

13 Odivelas
14 Gondomar

City of one of the worst corrupt politicians in Portugal. But still enjoiable.

15 Olhão
16 Portimão
17 Viseu

Second best for me - sued-nyme

18 Guimarães
19 Nazaré
20 Lanheles

It is a small town In Portugal filled with fun and friendly neighbors I lived tethered for a month please go there it is amazing Kk? Gtg

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