Best Cities In Serbia

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1 Belgrade
2 Novi Sad

The one and only

For me Novi Sad is better than Belgrade. - pigsforlife

It's the best city in Serbia.

Novi Sad is amazing town with beautiful streets and places to have fun. Great fortress where Exit is held, not crowded, you can go everywhere on your feet.

3 Niš

Great city with great history and good friendly people, must to visit and see it

Great city everybody visit

4 Kragujevac
5 Subotica
6 Pančevo

Pančevo is beautiful, modern and rich city. It's 6th largest city in Serbia, and 3rd largest city in Vojvodina (100,000 peoples live there). Pančevo have biggest industry in Serbia (In former Yugoslavia too). Pančevo has two rivers Tamiš and Danube. There are equal number of Ortodox 51% (mostly Serbs) and Catholic 40% (mostly Hungarians) cristians.
Serbs (Ortodox)=50%
Hungarians (Catholic)=31%
Slovaks (Catholic)=11%
Romanians (Ortodox)=7%
Pančevo have 3 swimming pools, 5 soccer clubs (Dinamo,Železničar, Mladost, Mundial, Arena), 1 bascetball club (Tamiš), 2 handball clubs (Dinamo-champion of Serbia and Železničar). Voleyball club Dinamo and woman voleyball club Dinamo (champion of Serbia). We have city sport centre with pitches for bascetball, soccer, tennis, voleyball, handball, futsal, cricket and baseball. Also we have sport hall with closed terens for bascetball, handball, soccer, voleyball, tennis and closed swimming pools. Pančevo have 2 ...more

7 Zrenjanin
8 Čačak

On holiday here beautiful country and the people are very warm and welcoming beautiful all be coming here for many years to come

9 Novi Pazar

Great City everybody visit and good friendly People.Sandzak Heart!

10 Kraljevo

The Contenders

11 Leskovac

Birth place of my dad! - InformationUser

12 Velika Plana

City in Sumadija, Serbia

13 Sombor
14 Smederevo

I'm from Novi Sad but Smederevo is a really cool city in Serbia! - pigsforlife

15 Valjevo

Its trash in valjevo, I've been there and people are werid and there is nothing to do, belgrade and kragujevac are the best. Outside of valjevo is way better. No one bothers u and barely any cars go down the road. My uncle Nenad Jezdic brought a house outside of valijevo and I had loads of fun, I leared how to ride a bike, me my brother, and my cousins rode a jeep around the house, so fun.

The most beautiful city in Serbia. It's enough to say that you can find griffon vultures a couple of kilometers from downtown, in the canyon of the Gradac river.

16 Sremska Mitrovica
17 Loznica
18 Paraćin

I've been here and this city is so beautiful! :D - pigsforlife

19 Sremski Karlovci

Beautiful town with rich culture and awesome people.

20 Jagodina

Best city to live..populated with around 70 000 and most of them is known between each imagine life approx. 50 000 friend...rarely found in the world

21 Liman
22 Prijepolje
23 Ivanjica
24 Uzice

Beautiful town and surroundings, lovely people

25 Gornji Milanovac
26 Vrbas
27 Starčevo

Starčevo is village near Pančevo.Starčevo have about 7,000 peoples and beautiful centre with parc,museum,restaurants... Very nice people...Good food (ćevapčići,sataraš,guĺaš,pljeskavica,pržene paprike,pasulj,tikvice,spanać...)If you more like fast food there are one pizzeria and one Wurst Hill (sausages, sandwiches,ice cream).But biggest cause you should visit Starčevo (and Pančevo too) is prehistorical culture of Starčevo (fosils...)

28 Kačarevo

Kačarevo is village near Pančevo.Kačarevo have about 5,000 peoples.You should visit it because of Kačarevan Lake

29 Omoljica

Omoljica is big village near Pančevo.Omoljica have nearly 10,000 peoples.Omoljica have river Nadel.You should visit city centre, cinema and Starčevačko-Omoljički bridge wich is "crossbar" between villages Omoljica and Starčevo.Or you just go and relax in the forest or in quai near Nadel river

30 Sibnica

Sibnica is very small village between Belgrade and Pančevo.About 88 peoples live in Sibnica.You should visit it if you love fishing.And there are some fishing festivals with delicius food.Sibnica is 5km far away from Pančevo and 10km far away from Belgrade

31 Sokobanja
32 Prishtina
33 Smederevska Palanka

moj grad

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