Top Ten Best Cities In South Africa


The Top Ten

1 Johannesburg

1. Cape Town
2. Johannesburg
3. Port Elizabeth
4. Pretoria
5. Sowento
6. Bloemfontein
7. Pietermanitzburg
8. Mitchell's Plain
9. Umlazi
10. Durban

I'm British but dam johburg is a great place

I'm Australian and went to Joburg more than a few times, not only is it the most amazing and fun place, but also one of the friendliest cities I"ve ever been too. Beautiful secenery and atmosphere. Never have I met people so proud of their culture. I would go back any time.

2 Cape Town

Too many slams and crime

Fantastic city, love it

3 Soweto

It's a bunch of shacks, or squatter camp

I live in this country and Soweto is a shanti town and I don't even know half these towns my advice is Cape Town, joburg is to dirty and Durban has to much idians

The heart beat of south Africa...from Diepkloof in the north east to Protea Glen in the South west,amazinh people avd things everywhere

4 Durban

I live in Durban people here are friendly and helpful.

"Durban has too many Indians..." Yeah, blame them for their heritage, you ignorant, scatterbrained fool

Oh, and please, invest In an education

Your punctuation isn't even on a primary school level

The least shall be the largest

5 Pretoria
6 Mitchell's Plain
7 Umlazi
8 Katlehong
9 Tembisa
10 Khayelitsha

The Contenders

11 Bloemfontein

Really nice city in the Freestate. The city of roses has a lot to offer. Much to do and it has a great history to it. There is a lot of beautiful neighborhoods. You have the busy city and the quiet living areas.

12 Port Elizabeth
13 Paarl
14 Worcester
15 Alberton
16 Stellenbosch

No. 1 University in Africa and Rugby capital in South Africa

17 Springs
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