Top Ten Best Cities In South Africa


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1 Johannesburg

I'm Australian and went to Joburg more than a few times, not only is it the most amazing and fun place, but also one of the friendliest cities I"ve ever been too. Beautiful secenery and atmosphere. Never have I met people so proud of their culture. I would go back any time.

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2 Cape Town V 1 Comment
3 Soweto

I live in this country and Soweto is a shanti town and I don't even know half these towns my advice is Cape Town, joburg is to dirty and Durban has to much idians

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4 Durban

"Durban has too many Indians..." Yeah, blame them for their heritage, you ignorant, scatterbrained fool

Oh, and please, invest In an education

Your punctuation isn't even on a primary school level

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5 Pretoria
6 Mitchell's Plain
7 Umlazi
8 Katlehong
9 Tembisa
10 Khayelitsha

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11 Bloemfontein

Really nice city in the Freestate. The city of roses has a lot to offer. Much to do and it has a great history to it. There is a lot of beautiful neighborhoods. You have the busy city and the quiet living areas.

12 Port Elizabeth
13 Paarl
14 Worcester
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