Top Ten Cities In the State of Karnataka


The Top Ten

1 Mangalore

Mangalore superb city.. Mind blowing.. It has everything.. IT companies, good people, education... Totally its ultimate..

2 Bangalore

It is the best city to live unity in diversity


3 Udupi

Good and great city

4 Shimoga

One of the developed district in India. Well known for tourists, educated and cultured people...well known for rain,forest.

I love shimoga...
. Shimoga was awesome place in India it bitz another cityz but it's was stll sty

5 Gulbarga

The hottest city in karnataka with temp in summer rising up to 48 degree.
9 malls are city will be completed around 2015-2016.
Pvr cinemas is under-construction.
Currently 4 malls are functioning.
Mini vidan soudha.
Airport under construction expected to be completed until 2016-2017.

HIGH COURT bench established and operational from 2012.

ESI hospital will be functional from 2015-2016 one of the largest hospital in south India.

Vtu regional office is awesome located at ring road.

6 Mysore Mysore Mysore, officially renamed as Mysuru, is the third most populous city in the state of Karnataka, India.

Yhis is one of the best

Mysore is the big city in karnataka very very butiful city

Mysore is suprb butiful city


7 Davangere
8 Dharvad
9 Gadag
10 Tumkuru

Tumkur is a fantastic city in Karnataka

The Contenders

11 Hubli

HUBLI city abhi be Jada abhi improvement hona chahihe per also city deko pune & Surat etc Hubli may eka be flyover nahi or airport improment chahiye

12 Madikeri (Mercara)
13 Puttur
14 Chikmagalur
15 Sringeri
16 Thirthahalli

One of the best place to tour and enjoy the nature, climate, rivers, backwater, greenery, hills, mountains etc...

17 Koratagere

It's awesome town

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