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1 Stockholm

Sweden is a power Full... Sweden don't want fight with other country

I was born in Stockholm and it has 600,000 people living there. It is the best city in Sweden. Go there and feel the freedom!

Easy the best. Amazing city

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and Stockholm also is amazing because there are Swedish meatballs (kottbullar) and also there are really nice restaurants!

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2 Gothenburg V 2 Comments
3 Malmö

It's the most dangerous city in Sweden.

4 Uppsala

Beautiful city with great people. I studied there and I have to admit it is one of the best cities I've ever been to.

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5 Västerås

It�'s the best city, not so big and no so small. In the other city most of the people are deprimed, shy and angry.

Nice city close to Mälaren.

6 Örebro
7 Linköping
8 Heisingborg

It is called helsingborg

Jag bor där...

9 Jönköping V 1 Comment
10 Norrköping

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? Luleå

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11 Gävle

The 2nd largest city in "Norrland" by population, Largest in Norrland to size, Oldest in Norrland, 13th largest in Sweden by population, 7th largest in Sweden by size, Defeated Russian terrorists twice, Gävlebocken.

12 Umeå

Go there. Love that city

The city of birches!


13 Visby

I can't believe Sweden's best preserved medieval city hasn't been added yet.

Best city in Sweden.

14 Angelholm

You guys are forgetting that koenigseggs are built in this city! - SelfDestruct

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15 Mora
16 Enköping

Enköping is a great city, there are many schools in Enköping like S:T Ilian, Korsängskolan, Bergvetenskolan and Éntreskolan and much more. - darthvadern

17 Vaxjo
18 Alingsås

A small city with about 30,000 citizen close between Borås and Gothenburg. The house prices in this town are just going up as it is growing. Alingsås is one of Swedens fastest growing town beacuase of the railway connection to Gothenburg and other citys and town on the way there. - Grouse

19 Nässjö
20 Gränna
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