Top Ten Best Cities In Thailand


The Top Ten

1 Bangkok

Amazing city that never sleeps and always has something to do. The traffic is a headache, but there are ways to work around it. - thaimed

2 Nonthaburi

On the outskirts of Bangkok, you can find all the amenities of the big city except with room to move. See the beautiful waterways or explore glittering temples without the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Easily enter the downtown area of Bangkok via the river boats or BTS. - magicyears

3 Pak Kret

Expat area with many malls and tourist attractions. One of the best attractions is Koh Kret. - magicyears

4 Hat Yai
5 Chiang Mai
6 Udon Thani
7 Nakhon Ratchasima

A large but friendly city - up and coming, now, with many new housing developments springing up and, of course, The Mall, which as good a shopping centre as most you will find in Bangkok.

8 Surat Thani
9 Khon Kaen

Lovely, friendly, light skinned beauties.

10 Nakhon Si Thammarat

The Contenders

11 Mae Hong Son

Peaceful, solitary, flawless landscape. The Most beautiful province in Thailand

Natue riches with local tradition and living. Year round present weather. The best in Thailand and Asia.

12 Trang

Trang is a magnificent coastal province with a long, beautiful shoreline that stretches 199 kilometers along the Andaman Sea.

13 Sungai Golok
14 Pattaya
15 Khao Lak
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