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1 Istanbul

So beautiful! I've travelled to a lot of cities, including Berlin, Rome, Venice, Vienna, etc... They are awesome too, but nothing can beat Istanbul.

The bridge to Europe from Asia.

Beautiful, modern and one of best European cities. - Aisu

it is nice

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2 Izmir

It is big enough for opportunities but not that stressful

Lmao Izmir is %14 and Ankara is %13? It must be joke ankara hasnt got sea lots of buildings cold people not enjoyable not a lot history before 1920s crap city

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3 Ankara

Thanks for the quote

Agood quote bout Ankara "There are two things to be done in Ankara. Either you study, or you fall in love".

4 Bursa

And amazing city! Green, historical. It was once the capital of Ottoman Empire. In my opinion, Bursa should come after Istanbul.

5 Adana

Its essentially your average poor village. No biggie!

Not best in turkey, best in the world!

Cultural city, good food!

6 Antalya

There are a lot of touristic places and there are a lot of things to do. Entertainement, Culture, Fun, Sea, Sun, Sand... Viva Antalya!

Great place to live.

Beautiful city... Modern.. Lots to do...


7 Konya
8 Gaziantep V 1 Comment
9 Mersin

Tarsus American College, Tarsus, sea, oranges... And lot more

Proud to be a Mersin citizen
We Got Anamourion, Maidens Castle, Tantuni and a lot more...

10 Diyarbakir

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? Tunceli

Very natural

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11 Trabzon

Clean and developed city. Awesome views everywhere

Combination of blue and green

12 Erzurum
13 Canakkale

Its a city like paradise... around with sea beach and hills...

14 Kayseri
15 Eskisehir
16 Cankiri

It is ideal for people who wants to be alone in the nature with its snow covered high mountains for the half of the year; forests covering its one third lands; plateaus appropriate for camping, caravans, horseback riding, photography and hunting and such touristic activities; rich thermal springs and mineral springs, cultural values of centuries mingle with the tenderness and traditional hospitality of the citizens.

Best city probably

17 Aydin
18 Kirsehir

Its very nice city.

19 Kütahya
20 Çorum

Centre of earth!

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