Top Ten Cities In USA for Tourists


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1 San Diego San Diego

San Diego will always have the layed back but bold, creative city lifestyle. It's a city that isn't too big, but has great tourist hotspots, like La Jolla, Sea World, SD Zoo, Legoland, and Downtown. The city's landscape is beautiful, as well as its weather and beaches. It's also conveniently near Los Angles and Tijuana. Perfect place to visit for a vacation with ease, family fun, or a night out in downtown

2 New York

Seriously? New York is the worst city! People steal all the time! You can't trust anyone in New York. I've been there and it took three minutes to get my phone stolen - CityGuru

Don't listen to city Guru I've been there and it wasn't bad

3 Los Angels
4 Las Vegas

The entertainment capital of the world! Best city I ever visited! Viva Vegas!

5 Austin
6 Houtson
7 Boston
8 Chicago
9 Cleveland
10 San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco, officially the City and County of San Francisco, is the cultural, commercial, and financial center of Northern California.

San Francisco is a foggy, overrated mess. It's ok. To visit, great! But it is not the place to live. Half the people who live here haven't been to Alcatraz. I will admit there are some nice things about it, such as people here are pretty friendly and there are some nice neighborhoods, but other than that...

The Contenders

11 Detroit
12 Washington, D.C.
13 Monterrey

Monterey is beautiful and hasn't gotten enough recognition. I can't explain it, it is so unique in millions of ways.

This is a very underrated city not far from San Francisco. I love it. - PositronWildhawk

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14 Philadelphia
15 Napa

Napa, wine country, relaxation country.

16 San Antonio
17 Atlanta
18 Memphis
19 Santa Fe
20 Nashville

Best place ever.Schedule : Wake up, go to grand Ole oprey to see George Strait,go to mall get some food at NY pie,go shopping, go to happy hour on highway(radio station),get some food at tootsies, and finally go to Nashville predators hacker game

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