Best Cities to Visit in California


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1 Los Angeles

Where is Hollywood (the land of stars)? Yes its los angles!

It's obvious people, come on

Six flags magic mountain - FearTheWeird300

2 San Diego

San Diego is really nice to visit, LA is way too overrated but awesome. - Jackthetoptenguy5

San Diego is sunny and warm, L.A. is a bunch of smog and an overrated city.

San Diego is LA's calmer cousin. A few miles south of the busy LA. San Diegans are warm and friendly. You have to try legit carne asada fries from a hole in the wall Mexican spot. The sketchier, the better.

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3 San Francisco

This city never gets too hot or too cold. It should be number 1. - EpicJake

This one is the best. - PeeledBanana

When I visited sf for the first time it really was an amazing place to visit the people are nice the weather is a lot better than the rest of California

SF is the best!

4 Sacramento
5 Santa Barbara

I love santa barbara it should be higher than the state capital. That place is kinda boring compared to SB looks beautiful.

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6 San Jose
7 Barstow
8 Fresno

I was going to give Cali an enema I'd stick in in Fresno for sure.

9 Santa Rosa
10 Bakersfield

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11 Chico
12 Santa Cruz
13 Redding
14 Encino
15 Burbank

I've been there quite a few times. I've flown an Alaska Airlines 737-400 and it's the very first time I've flown a plane. It happened in 2005. On the return flight it was a CRJ-700 but it wasn't Alaska Airlines, it was Horizon Air which is a sub-airline for Alaska. Also in 2006 I've flown a CRJ-700 on boy flights on Horizon Air. - Linnea

16 Fremont
17 Carlsbad
18 Corona
19 Emeryville
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