Best Cities to Visit in California


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1 Los Angeles

Where is Hollywood (the land of stars)? Yes its los angles!

It's obvious people, come on

Six flags magic mountain - FearTheWeird300

2 San Diego San Diego

San Diego is really nice to visit, LA is way too overrated but awesome. - Jackthetoptenguy5

Back up la san diego rocs

San Diego is sunny and warm, L.A. is a bunch of smog and an overrated city.

San Diego is LA's calmer cousin. A few miles south of the busy LA. San Diegans are warm and friendly. You have to try legit carne asada fries from a hole in the wall Mexican spot. The sketchier, the better.

3 San Francisco San Francisco San Francisco, officially the City and County of San Francisco, is the cultural, commercial, and financial center of Northern California.

This city never gets too hot or too cold. It should be number 1. - EpicJake

This one is the best. - PeeledBanana

When I visited sf for the first time it really was an amazing place to visit the people are nice the weather is a lot better than the rest of California

SF is the best!

4 Sacramento
5 Santa Barbara

I love santa barbara it should be higher than the state capital. That place is kinda boring compared to SB looks beautiful.

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6 San Jose
7 Barstow
8 Fresno

I was going to give Cali an enema I'd stick in in Fresno for sure.

9 Santa Rosa
10 Bakersfield

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11 Chico
12 Santa Cruz
13 Redding
14 Encino
15 Burbank

I've been there quite a few times. I've flown an Alaska Airlines 737-400 and it's the very first time I've flown a plane. It happened in 2005. On the return flight it was a CRJ-700 but it wasn't Alaska Airlines, it was Horizon Air which is a sub-airline for Alaska. Also in 2006 I've flown a CRJ-700 on boy flights on Horizon Air. - Linnea

16 Fremont
17 Carlsbad
18 Corona
19 Emeryville
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