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41 Kountze, Texas

Most underrated rappers are out here. Just check out 2 throwed click there one of the greatest rap groups ever.

42 Tallahassee
43 Akron, Ohio

Some of the best unknow rappers in america. They come deep. What up 7714 & the V

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44 Racine, WI
45 Sacramento

Sacramento has one of the most prolific underground gangster rap scenes in the nation. The Rap in Sac Town also has a specific sound. Noteworthy rappers include: Brotha Lynch, C-Bo, X-Raided, T-Nutty, Hollow Tip, Rick Mo, Gangsta Dre, Young Dre D, as well as a hundred other artists who have benn putting Sac on the Map since the early 90s

46 Mumbai
47 Raleigh, NC

J cole alone is gonna bring this city up

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48 Montreal

Montreal hip hop better than all American hip hop and all toronto hip hop. We rep our city hard with our canadiens Jerseys and our expos caps out on these mtl streetz. Just because we ain't livin in america and we be speakin French don't mean we ain't real. Name one bad montreal rapper. We got em all. We gonna take over the rap game within a year or two. You ain't ever gonna see a rapper that's not from montreal when we take the game over. Watch out america and toronto.

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49 York, ME
50 Nashville V 1 Comment
51 Vancouver

1990's Battle Axe Warriors Swollen Members = Mad Child, Prevail, and Rob the Viking, and Moka Only is the 1 Member that left and became something decent adapted and shizz, now Moka Only produces Def3 Who is A new Kid... then there's Snak the Ripper, And his better Asset Merkelus... Sweat-Shop Union is Chill, definitely the better group in Vansterdam

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52 Paris V 1 Comment
53 Riverhead

Ya boy J.C. coming from east Long Island, Suffolk county, up and coming artist

54 Kalida, Ohio V 1 Comment
55 Ankara
56 Orlando
57 Bangkok
58 Berkeley

Berkeley is the best because we have Lil B "The Based God"

59 Victoria
60 Winnipeg V 1 Comment
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