Top Ten Cities With the Meanest Police Officers

Some city just has mean police and we don't like them.

The Top Ten

1 Pyongyang, North Korea

They wont let u go outside, they wont even let u go out of the country. They kill u with guns if u talk bad about their government. - DanteTopTenners

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2 New York City, New York

The death of Eric garner made me mad and I added this to the list. They choked a overweight 43 year old black man to death for selling cigarettes that didn't had tax stamp. - DanteTopTenners

All cops are douchebags who should be put down. Darren Wilson, Christopher Dorner and Gerard John Schaefer are the only good ones - bobbythebrony

3 Havana, Cuba

They been a communist country for 50 years and the police in Cuba are just cruel. They wont let u talk to them or u can't talk bad about the government. - DanteTopTenners

4 Berlin, Germany

The racism thing is still going on and the cops don't give a damn. - DanteTopTenners

5 Beijing, China

Again there police force is communist and there's nothing people can do to stop them. - DanteTopTenners

6 Vieques, Puerto Rico
7 Glasgow, Scotland

Police and Glasgow can be really bad not all but some

8 Los Angeles, California
9 Hayward, California
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