Top Ten Cities With the Meanest Police Officers

Some city just has mean police and we don't like them.

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1 Pyongyang, North Korea

They wont let u go outside, they wont even let u go out of the country. They kill u with guns if u talk bad about their government. - DanteTopTenners

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2 New York City, New York New York City, New York The City of New York, often called New York City or simply New York, is the most populous city in the United States.

The death of Eric garner made me mad and I added this to the list. They choked a overweight 43 year old black man to death for selling cigarettes that didn't had tax stamp. - DanteTopTenners

All cops are douchebags who should be put down. Darren Wilson, Christopher Dorner and Gerard John Schaefer are the only good ones - bobbythebrony

3 Havana, Cuba

They been a communist country for 50 years and the police in Cuba are just cruel. They wont let u talk to them or u can't talk bad about the government. - DanteTopTenners

4 Berlin, Germany

The racism thing is still going on and the cops don't give a damn. - DanteTopTenners

5 Beijing, China

Again there police force is communist and there's nothing people can do to stop them. - DanteTopTenners

6 Vieques, Puerto Rico
7 Glasgow, Scotland

Police and Glasgow can be really bad not all but some

8 Los Angeles, California
9 Hayward, California
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1. New York City, New York
2. Havana, Cuba
3. Pyongyang, North Korea
1. Pyongyang, North Korea
2. Havana, Cuba
3. New York City, New York



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