Top 10 Cities With the Rudest People


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21 Great Barrington, USA
22 Hamilton, New Zealand
23 Jakarta, Indonesia
24 Rome, Italy

They are less rude than in the rudest city in the world: Milan

25 Naples, Italy Naples, Italy
26 Napoli, Italy

Rude people, mafia everywhere, nothing has changes in the last 50 years; the same in whole italy.

27 Milan, Italy

Italian people are the rudest (except in Sicily- just rednecks), and Italian from Milan are the rudest Italians.

28 Honolulu, Hawaii

If your European or a mainlander and you come visit there, people will refuse to know you. They will be in red-faced hatred because of the extremely high population density, and it's really not a melting pot. It mostly consists of Asians or Polynesians, but more of Asians. The only reason why you'd be treated with service is because they 1. Want money, 2. They have to do it, and 3. You have some Oriental or Polynesian ancestry. Yes, I'm saying this as a Japanese-American resident in Honolulu. You also hear a lot of incoherent rambling in my neighborhood every day, because at least one person is extremely pissed off.

29 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
30 San Diego, USA
31 Vancouver, British Columbia Vancouver, British Columbia

Rudest Canadian City.

32 Berlin, Germany
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