Best Cities In The Netherlands

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1 Amsterdam

All I have to say is that Amsterdam kicks ass. The other cities are not bad either, but this one is surely the best.

2 Rotterdam

Rotterdam has the most beautiful skyline in Holland, especially viewed from the A.20's van Brienenoordbrug. The city center is safe, with nightlife at Stadhuisplein for the youth and at Oude/Nieuwe-Binnenweg for the more mature. However, Witte de With is by far the best place to go and is known for some of the best cafes in Europe.

On the south side of the river, you can entertain yourself at the Kop van Zuid with the Luxor theater and Hotel New York. Going to the south side of the city after dark is not advisable because of the high amount of crime. Ahoy might be worth visiting, and Maassilo has some great parties, just don't wander off. Next to the center on the east side, there are also lots of cafes and bars.

Alexandrium, at the far east of the city, has lots of shopping fun, and there is a nice beach in Nesselande. However, public drinking is not allowed in the summer.

3 The Hague

Come on, Amsterdam is just one big amusement park. Being from The Hague, I obviously voted for it, but there are way nicer cities than Amsterdam. Haarlem, Rotterdam, Delft, Groningen to name just a few.

4 Utrecht
5 Eindhoven

Amsterdam is too gross. Rotterdam has almost nothing. Utrecht is kind of okay but not that impressive, and The Hague is a place filled with poverty. Eindhoven is clean, intelligent, and beautiful.

6 Groningen

Groningen is the cleanest city in Europe. It's the best place to stay and study.

7 Delft
8 Haarlem

Haarlem is better than Amsterdam. It's very beautiful with a rich history.

9 Maastricht
10 Tilburg
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11 Nijmegen

Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands!

12 Gouda
13 Zaandam

Ohh, Zaandam is nice, surely. It's near Amsterdam, so perfect for good work, but the city Zaandam is pretty calm. You have everything you need, and there are some nice spots in the city for elders. It is actually perfect for everyone. Here, you really hardly ever meet those people which you might see in Amsterdam (drug sellers, etc.). So that's also something which makes the city more fun. AND the people aren't unsocial. I repeat: It is nice to live for everyone. The famous 'Zaanse Schans' is also in this city. You should look it up once. It is a nice piece of culture from the city.

14 Almere
15 Holten

There is a cemetery for Canadian soldiers who died during the 2nd World War.

16 Breda
17 Almelo
18 Deventer
19 Assen
20 Enschede
21 Leeuwarden
22 Roermond
23 Heerlen
24 Amersfoort
25 Hardenberg
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