Best Cities In Sri Lanka

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1 Colombo
2 Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

City of sri lanka

A beautiful place to live.+12


3 Moratuwa
4 Kandy

Most beautiful city in Sri Lanka

My town and it's the most tourist attractive town in our country

Mild climate and bio diversity.

Kandy is the best...

5 Sainthamaruthu

A city which taught Unity, Quality of Leadership as in Qur’an and hadith, being an Inspiration among Muslims in whole Sri Lanka by their votes, casting to an Independent Party against the politicians of the particular area in the local government elections who pledged and cheated its formation of Local Government Authority, with the help of Almighty!

History shows that the people of Sainthamaruthu were generous enough to reduce their city boundary in North and South and let the neighbouring people in Kalmunaikudy and Karaitivu to live in harmony with them.

SAINTHAMARUTHU is one of the oldest areas in the island. It has a long history in the Eastern Province. The people are have always been helpful and generous.

It have a beautiful mosque which was selected by the Sri Lankan government to place it in the Rs. 1000.00 currency not published to mark the 70th independence of Sri Lanka.

6 Negombo
7 Kotte
8 Galle

Galle is the best city to live if you want to spend your life with the fullest meaning!

The best City to live & enjoy

Mini Europe in Sri Lanka

Know for Galle Fort

9 Kottawa

The Best city in the World World along with New York, London & Paris

10 Kalmunai

The only city in Sri Lanka where three community people are living with humanity and peacefully with the beautiful coastal scenic beauty

Kalmunai is the best and ideal place for living

This is where people of generosity, brother and sister keepers live forever

Great place to stay safety n freedom all kind basic facilities are easily reachable

The Contenders
11 Gampaha
12 Ragama
13 Jinthupitiya
14 Vavuniya
15 Trincomalee
16 Kurunegala

Best city in Sri Lanka to live in. No natural disasters at all

17 Anuradhapura

The sacred city of Sri Lanka. The ancient capital of Sri Lanka. Many highly regarded Buddhist monuments in one city.

18 Pittugala
19 Matara
20 Kadawatha
21 Wanathamulla
22 Jaffna

It has very beautiful Hindu temples.

23 Sembuwatta
24 Piliyandala
25 Balangoda
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