Top Ten Best Cities to Visit In Italy

Italy is one of the greatest European vacation destinations, period.
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1 Nonantola
2 Rome Rome is the capital city and a special comune of Italy, as well as the capital of the Lazio region. The city has been a major human settlement for almost three millennia. With 2,860,009 residents in 1,285 km2 (496.1 sq mi), it is also the country's most populated comune. It is the third most populous... read more

Rome has the Forum, the Colosseum, the Vatican... Some of the best museums in the World are in Rome. When you walk down the street in Rome, you're walking where famous people from Thousands of year ago walked. Then there's the food, the coffee, the crepes... The people are beautiful, there's fashion and history... Rome is one of the best cities in the world, in my opinion.

3 Venice Venice is a city in northeastern Italy, renowned for its intricate network of canals, bridges, and islands. It has a rich history as a major financial and maritime power during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The city is famous for its art, especially works from the Venetian School, and classical... read more

Ohh, Venice! Some of the hottest guys in the world can be found in Venice, but seriously, Venice is amazing. The Doges Palace, the Bridge of Sighs, the canals, the history, the art, the masks... It's just fun to walk around in Venice, get "lost", and experience it.

The Italians and Venetians call this aquatic playground "La Serenissima", meaning the "serene city". It is acutally true because if you treat Venice gently, this city will reward you profound moments of beauty and bliss. What a delightful place!

4 Florence Florence, the capital city of Italy's Tuscany region, is celebrated as the birthplace of the Renaissance. It was once a center of trade and finance, which helped fund its many artistic and architectural achievements. The Uffizi Gallery and the Florence Cathedral are just a few of the landmarks that... read more

Whoever said this city was bad, hope you die! And italians are not xenophobes. You are a leatard.

I was really expecting this amazing city to be higher.

The home of Tuscany. Great food, the David...

5 Naples A coastal city in southern Italy, Naples is the capital of the Campania region. Renowned for its rich history and cultural landmarks, the city is the birthplace of the Neapolitan pizza. Its historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it serves as a gateway to the Amalfi Coast and the island... read more

The home of Pizza, what more could you want?

6 Verona

I love this city. The old buildings help shape the characteristics of the city. In Verona you can walk around the old town for more than 2 hours without an insane number of tourists. I used to think of it being a Venice with roads because of the Venetian style architecture. The city has amazing thinks offered like the Umberto tower which is the tallest structure in downtown Verona and you can climb it and you have an amazing view of the city. There's also an amphitheater which hosts real plays and was also built during Roman Times and is in great condition. There are also more attractions like the balcony of Romeo and Juliet and old Cathedrals of Verona and much more. Verona beats Venice and every other city in Italy by 100 %. This is why you should take my words and visit Verona. I'm sure that you'll like it.

7 Milan Milan, located in northern Italy, is a global fashion and design capital. The city's stunning Gothic cathedral, the Duomo, is a masterpiece of architecture. Milan is also home to world-renowned artworks like Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper." The Teatro alla Scala is one of the most famous opera... read more

Everyone knows after Rome comes Milan as Italy's main city. If you're all about fashion, big cities and food, Milan is definitely worth visiting, especially during the Christmas season when the city is decorated and the shops are all on sale. Milan is also the home of the Duomo, many natural history museums and Da Vinci's Last Supper.

The city center is awesome but the suburbs smell like piss and are covered with graffiti.

It can be too hot sometimes during the summer. During the hottest days, the temperature can reach over 40°C (104°F) + humidity.

8 San Gimignano

Old, OLD, perfectly preserved medieval city with towers and walls, and creepy little stores... Such a cool place.

9 Pompeii

The city that was buried by Mount Vesuvius rises again with painstaking care to detail and is still being unearthed by archeologists. Creepy, amazing city to walk through, and well worth it to pay a guide.

10 Volterra

Lots of weavy-windey streets with a cool Etruscan excavation site. Volterra is also where the Volturi are supposed to live in Twilight, so, if you're a fan...

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11 Pisa

Can't go to Italy without holding up the leaning tower of Piza and all that tourist rot.

12 Benevento

I love this beautiful City. Is not so big but has so many Churches, Arches, Theatres and Palaces. Benevento is rich of history.

Benevento is an ancient City. Greeks, Etruscans, Romans, Sunnis, Byzantines, Lombards and Popes have passed for Benevento. This City has so many Churches and so many Archs, Theatres and ancient palaces. I love Benevento.

13 Turin
14 Bologna

Before Etrurian and Celt than Roman, Bologna was a sort of New York of the middle ages, with its typical towers (20 of 100 still remains) as modern skyscrapers. Important node in the Silk Way from China, Bologna it was a water-street city like Venezia. Also won a war against Republic of Venezia. It's a middle age trip as Firenze a renaissance trip. Should visit

15 Brescia
16 Positano

Such a beautiful city. Just 40 minutes from Sorrento and 20 minutes from Amalfi, 10 minutes from Praiano. The scenery is best in the world with nice shops, Michelin restaurants and boat rides to Capri, Sorrento, and anywhere else possible.

17 Catania
18 Treviso

This city is so beautiful. It's so medieval I can't believe how unknown this place is

19 Taormina

Just incredible. Really something you can't imagine. Ancient roman theatre beside the volcano and the sea, the old streets. No something like Taormina all over the world.

20 Cremona

Have you seen how beautiful this city looks.

21 Padulle
22 Cento
23 Reggio Calabria
24 Ispica
25 Verbania
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