Top 10 Most Dangerous Capital Cities

The Top Ten
1 Mogadishu, Somalia
2 Damascus, Syria Damascus is the capital of the Syrian Arab Republic; it is also the country's largest city, following the decline in population of Aleppo due to the battle for the city.
3 Sanaa, Yemen
4 Kabul, Afghanistan
5 Caracas, Venezuela
6 Baghdad, Iraq
7 Pyongyang, North Korea
8 Port-au-Prince, Haiti
9 Moscow, Russia
10 Tripoli, Libya
The Contenders
11 Georgetown, Guyana
12 Lima, Peru

One word: riots.

13 Panama City, Panama
14 Victoria, Seychelles
15 Nassau, Bahamas
16 Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
17 Tehran, Iran
18 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
19 Abuja, Nigeria
20 Kyiv, Ukraine

Would be a perfectly safe capital if it weren't for that Russian invasion going on.

21 Bamako, Mali
22 Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
23 Asmara, Eritrea
24 Manila, Philippines
25 Brasilia, Brazil

Absolutely was a dangerous place to be in on January 8th of this year.

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