Top Ten Citizen Journalism Sites

The Top Ten news sites that allow citizens to write and/or refer their own news and opinions.

The Top Ten

1 Global Voices Online

The world is talking, are you listening?

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2 Newzulu

Get paid for making your own video news!

3 Wikinews

The free news source you can write

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4 Merinews Visit Website
5 The Daily Scholar

I love this site! It is very aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. The content on the site is also very original and read-worthy.

Very cool site with great content.

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6 Giornalettismo Visit Website
7 one:convo is the new source for citizen journalism

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8 Blasting News Visit Website

The site has had very good reviews from those using it. accepts all types of news from local news to world news and opinions. You can also easily check how many times your contributions have been read.

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This is an excellent venue for posting op-eds, news, poetry, and debating topics. It's fun and easy to use.

It is good site for publish news and article;

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The Contenders

11 youPress Visit Website

Citizen Journalism from United Kingdom, free, indipendent. It supports freedom of press and of expression, youman rights.

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13 Neembus News Visit Website
14 Broowaha Visit Website
15 YouthKiAwaaz

Real Community Journalism site

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1. The Third Report
2. CNN iReport
3. Global Voices Online
1. The Third Report
2. CNN iReport
3. Global Voices Online


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