Best Caucasus City

I love Caucasus region and Caucasian culture. What is your favourite Caucasian city and why?

Please don't use offensive language or bring any political hate to this topic.

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1 Tbilisi Tbilisi

"The fabulous land" is how Alexander Pushkin described Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia since the fifth century. - Borsa

Most modern and progressive people in the whole Caucasus region.

Tbilisi city is the education and cultural center of the Caucasus.

Tbilisi is modern and old at the same has a very unique style and atmosphere which differs very much from other cities

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2 Baku

The most modern and beautiful city in the region

Most Beautiful

The most beautiful, ancient and modern city in Caucasia.

3 Sheki

Sheki has preserved its ancient city-build structure and it is rich in beautiful architectural monuments. Sheki was the main center of silk production in the Caucasus - Borsa

4 Derbent

Derbent is one of the most ancient “live” cities in the world. The first settlements were founded there in early bronze epoch - at the end of 4, 000 B.C. its ancient name is Caspian Gates, it was first mentioned in the 6th century B.C. - Borsa

5 Vladikavkaz

Vladikavkaz is the capital city of North Ossetia and is a major transit hub for the Caucasus - Borsa

6 Makhachkala

A port city that dots the western edge of the Caspian Sea, Makhachkala is surrounded by low-lying mountains on its other sides. - Borsa

7 Gabala

Gabala is notorious for the ruins of an ancient walled city. Gabala is known across the world as the name of one of the largest radar stations. - Borsa

Gabala 1st capital of Albania.. have beautiful nature

8 Yerevan

I am voting for Yerevan because it definitely is the most epic. That mountain on the back. It has the most beautiful view and in general; is really beautiful and unique.

Armenia's capital is the region's most laid-back and within easy striking distance of the country's principal attractions - Borsa

The best cosy city

my city

9 Batumi

Batumi is main touristic city in Caucasus...New Singapore and Dubai...with skyscrapers and best and longest boulvard in Europe

This small, white city containing mostly 2-3-storeyed buildings, possesses a certain unique charm. - Borsa

10 Gandja

Ganja is one of the oldest cities in the Caucasus, and has long been one of the most important in Azerbaijan. Having been subjected to a seemingly endless stream of invading armies, its name has changed repeatedly over the years. - Borsa

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11 Grozny

I love to see Grozny one day and other region caucus.

Most developed city in Caucasus

12 Nalchik
13 Mingachevir
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