Top 10 City Parks In the World


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1 Central Park (New York)

I've been there several times throughout the years. Central Park is right in the heart of Manhattan. It is very big and fun to explore. - Ajkloth

2 Hyde Park (London)

Although I have never been to London, Hyde Park looks really nice and I've heard nothing but great things about it. - Ajkloth

3 Millennium Park (Chicago)

I go to Millinium Park all the time, especially during the summer because it is a great place to relax and enjoy yourself. Critics have called it "the future of parks" and is home to the bean and Crown Fountain. - Ajkloth

4 Mt. Royal Park (Montreal)

Mt. Royal Park is on a mountain so you get great views of downtown Montreal. While I was there I took a walk through an oak forrest and went to see Beaver Lake. - Ajkloth

I find it amazing that a city as big as Montreal has kept this huge space of greenery for sight-seeing...

This place rocks

Whilst its great, the city is kinda exploiting it because of the urge to build up as the city limits werent enough to house all residents

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5 Golden Gate Park (San Francisco)

Home to Conservatory of Flowers, Stow Lake, Music Concourse Area and many more attractions. - Ajkloth

6 Grant Park (Chicago)

Originally named "Lake Park", Grant Park is very large and every year it hosts many annual events such as Lollapalooza. Grant Park includes Buckingham Fountain, Congress Plaza, Museum Campus, and many more. - Ajkloth

7 Kings Park (Perth)

There is plenty of things to do in Kings Park. The one and only time I was there my family and I took a walk and attended a live preformance by the Beach Boys. - Ajkloth

8 Stanley Park (Vancouver)

Stanley Park has a large Forrest area with very tall trees and I relaxed by the lake too. - Ajkloth

9 Prospect Park (New York)

Prospect Park is in Brooklyn and my uncle lives right next to it so I have been plenty of times. - Ajkloth

10 Fairmount Park (Philadelphia)

Fairmount Park is basicly Philadelphia's backyard. - Ajkloth

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11 Retiro Park (Madrid)
12 Griffith Park (Los Angeles)
13 Regent's Park (London)
14 Richmond Park (London)
15 Luxembourg Gardens (Paris)
16 Pollock Park (Glasgow)
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