Best Clan In Cardfight Vanguard

Which is your favorite clan and you think is the best? Please vote!

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21 Bermuda Triangle

What makes Bermuda Triangle a really good clan is the fact that you do not need to waste any wonderful rear guard resources because of its bouncing ability, and every time you bounce a rear guard combo skills activate.

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22 Touken Ranbu

Its just strong...

best clan

This clan is rather good when you know what the good combos are.

"atm it's my favourite clan"

23 Murakumo

With shadowstitch, this clan shines

Murakumo need more love <3 it can attack from the back row... Call more units standing, Patch missed attacks with shadowstitch it can give rear guards multipe effects e.g twin drive. it can play defensive with the 'Dueling Dragon' to minus your oppeneunts power. It has 2 legions and lots of strides. And its almost like afterimage from nubutama with the ability 'sometimes to put back in your hand' It's a great rushing deck and good at playing defensive too. :) <3 #Murakumo love.

24 Deletor

Deletor is a sub clan but it is a strong as alone because of delete a vanguard as it is in link joker clan it is also good in lock

It is suppose to be in link joker

I love to delete opponents card lol

I have used a deletor deck for a long time. It is extremely strong and with the new stride support, it could as game changing as glendious

25 Oracle Think Tank

The oracle think tank, there is an ability that you can look at the cards on top of your deck and superior call, also put the rest of the cards at the bottom of the deck. You would also know when a trigger will come unless you can memorise how you put the cards in order

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26 Spike Brothers

Did you know? With this clan, you can attack more than 3 times and the power over 20k each.

The strangth in this clan is that the rearguards could attack multiple times and the weakness is probably link joker or other clan that will mess with your oponents rearguard.

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27 Angel Feather

I play the nociel build very good only has one very bad match up LJ I love the way it heals but you can swap cards from your hand to your damage and damage to hand it makes big plays and big rushes. And nociel cards can give you great hand advantage and is very quick

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28 Star-Vaders

Star Vader can omega lock like Omega Glendios and lock also. Also have some nasty moves to win the game.

29 Cray Elementals

Great support for all nations

30 Champions of the Cosmos

This is just a clan booster

31 Neon Messiah

Yah isn't it Link Joker

Isn't Neon Messiah a link joker deck

All new O. P cards

32 Revenger
33 Cray Elementals

Great support for all nations

34 Chronojet
35 Spike Sisters
36 Cray Elemental Clan

I like it because it has harmonics messiah

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