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He is the second best character in my opinion after Clarence - Spongehouse

Chad looks like an ape and a human had a baby

Most of him personality are fun but he personality remind me most of the kids on my school who was a really jerk but he not a jerk so like him

I think all the clarence characters are awesome


He is my personal favorite - Spongehouse

He meets a Minecraft Steve look alike Character

Clarence is so adorable and funny and kind. He is a great friend

Why judge him? He teaches kids what to do when they're frustrated while doing something.


He is a very funny neat freak. Though he is also pretty annoying in my opinion - Spongehouse

Whatever, onaga! You're just a 16 year old hater. HATERS GONNA HATE!

jeff is the funniest and has the best expressions

He was also on the top ten worst Clarence characters - onaga


He's the best Chad ever

He is pretty cool. Despite looking like a gorilla - Spongehouse

This guy is gotta be the coolest dad in Aberdale. My dad's the best in the world.


Shes such a cool character. Suprised shes at no#7

I like her because I like tomboys - Spongehouse

She's one tough cookie. She can even handle bloodshed and explicit violence.


I hate Belson for many reasons one is that he makes fun of Clarence Jeff and Sumo two he never has any friends of his own because he's a jerk and finally he tried to kill Clarence Jeff and Sumo with a chainsaw.

I absolutely hate this brat! - Spongehouse


He is funny but sometimes annoying. I don't know why but he kinda reminds me of Jerry Smith from Rick and Morty. Anyone else think so too? - Spongehouse

Joshua sucks. Yeah Josh I called you Josh are you gonna do any about it?

I politely disagree, I'll respect your opinion, though.

Are you kidding me along with Belson I hate Joshua too.


He is very funny!

Percy is so cute and tiny and his voice is adorable!

Percy is so cute and funny! I loved when we rolled down the stands in the episode pizza hero

Percy is really cute and he deserves a much higher place on the list. He is so cute.

Mr. Reese

He is a kid at heart - Spongehouse


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He is pretty funny in my opinion - Spongehouse

Acts like Charley Brown


Just because he's a dummy, that doesn't mean he can't do stuff. This kid is actually pretty constructive. He's good at drawing plus he reads long books like Harry Potter and stuff.


A better version of Jeff - Spongehouse

True, he always loosens up. He's not so uptight like Jeff. I mean Jeff is good, but he is so sensitive.

I really really really really like this guy. He's like me a nerd. Whoop whoop! His major roles were my favrouite episodes and they always have been. He's also quite adorable as well. By the power of previbility

Breehn is my absolute favrouite character he's like me, a nerd. And when he failed at bowling in the big Petey pizza problem that cracked me up. I really like him and he deserves first place



She's so cute.

Miss Baker

I loved her - Spongehouse

I wish she had more screen time and didn’t have to move away. She seemed like the perfect friend for Clarence.

Just because she's a girl, that doesn't mean she is a wimp. She is pretty tough actually.


He is actually a really complex character for instance guyler goes birding shows how relaxed and compassionate he is


This kid is super cute


Heck yeah. He deserves to be more major. Why can't they focus on him much. He should be more hardcore. He's my favorite character in the show by the way.

Hello? Do any of you guys like this guy? Anybody?

He should get a better voice actor besides Kyle Arem. He needs to be focused on more.
Why not make an episode where he's the main character.


Chimney is basically a ripoff of Lassie that no one cares about

Nature Tanya
Mel Sumozski
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