Top Ten Best Clarence Episodes

The Top Ten

1 Dream Boat

The best thing about this episode is that it really makes you feel for a character that you really only laughed at. This episode in one of the few to have real emotion thrown in and for that I think it is the best episode of the series. (So Far)

Sumo is the best character in the show, and this episode shows the real moral than this show have to had, probably includes make you cry

2 Stormy Sleepover
3 Nature Clarence

This list is dumb.

This was the funniest episode I don't care what people think about this show its funny

The Funny Thing Is... This Show Is Never Funny Period. End Of Story.

4 Turtle Hats

This episode is cute and did a great job of emulating the struggle of overanalyzing text messages.

5 Fun Dungeon Face Off
6 A Pretty Day With A Girl

This is the best episode ever

7 Pretty Great Day with a Girl
8 Too Gross For Comfort
9 Money Broom Wizard

An episode that is good - Super64Mario

10 Bird Boy Man

An amazing episode! it's nice to see sumo care for a bird, and the ending may be a bit sad, it's redeemed with a bit of funny.

Fun episode - Lunala

The Newcomers

? Sumo Goes West

The Contenders

11 Water Park
12 Lost In The Supermarket
13 Rough Riders Elementary
14 Jeff's New Toy
15 Valentimes
16 Mystery Girl

This episode was too adorable, I love it so much

17 Karate Mom
18 The Forgotten
19 Lil Buddy

Wow this was amazing

Pure masterpiece!

20 Officer Moody
21 Average Jeff

Because this ep shares themes of insanity, gender bias and even mediocre themes, Which makes it a dark, but great ep.

22 Dollar Hunt
23 Belson's Sleepover
24 Chalmers Santiago
25 Chimney
26 Balance
27 Jeff's Secret
28 Capture the Flag
29 Big Trouble in Little Aberdale
30 Zoo

I like this episode but I wish it was more longer the ending sucked but everything else I liked.

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