Everyone likes archers more then barbarians why do you think that lots of clans need level 3 archers for you to join?

Archer should be up with the wizard. Pretty much every ATTACK strategy includes archers.'Archers are very very good and should be in at least the top 10

Archers are cost effective and in large groups prove extremely powerful.

Their so cool but they die easier then barbs, but their fast. I like them so much because in the Virtual Reality thing, the archers voice is UBER COOL!

Archers are really good they are fast and they can shoot over walls and they are great for raids

I usually spawn in about 20 giants and then place down around 75 archers and they will easily 3 star a base

The best troops they can attack from a side which is there power drop 500 or less than it see the power

She has a sharp personality, sharp arrows for damage, a sharp range, she is just sharp in appeal!

Archers are really incredible at levels but I'd ranges Lot of practice to master em

Archers are beast for farming and is Good to get the fifty percent by sniping stuff

Archers aren't good my opinion is they should not be in place 12 before archer queen

Great troops for farm intents at high levels The streaks turn into your favor.

Great in numbers when you spread them out. unlike barbarians they can do damage and pick up elixir / gold without running right into walls. really like sending in giants to take the hits while bombarding them with archers.

I use 200 archers every time I raid I haven't lost a raid in 2 weeks

I used 10 of them ever since I hade a level 3 town hall to level 7

Archers are good but they die in one shot of mortar

Archers and Giants will be a good combination.

Definitely the best troop in the game! And I'm th 10

I think archers should be ahead barbarians.

Good for staying out of range of defenses.

She was my fave till I unlocked dragons

Why aren't these ranked better than barbarians with a range of 4 tiles and despite the fact that their DPS is less than a barbarian's they still pack a bigger punch.

Archers is the best troops for loot. Its best troop in the game. Its fast and attack over the walls and cost onley 300elixir to train. I'm do my attack with 240archer

Shes the reason barch strategy is complete and have good troop range

Dood uurrr wrong this is no fair archer queen is awesome and so is barb king daaa