Archer Queen


Weird it does a lot more damage than barb king but normal barbs do more damage than normal archers

Not as symbolised as the barbarian king, but the archer queen shows how close you are right now, and the significant battles and wars you will have to face before coming to champs!

Archers and Archer Queen are good at shooting balloons but Archers have less life than Archer Queen.

Archer Queens special ability is called Royalty Cloak which summons more archers when activated

The key to a 3 star attack in the highest level bases is the Archer queen, most idiots don't know how to use the archer queen

What's the Archer Queen doing down in number twelve. The Archer Queen should be in the top 5!

Really strong and fast lower health than the barbarian king

Archer queen op. I'm a town hall 8 and an archer queen with 4 healers 1 starred my base because of time. Nothing could touch the healers because of the archer queen's range. Note! I think the archer queen was level 3. Aq op.

Archer Queen is good she is fast and can shoot over walls.

Archer queen are very fast and they do not go like others

Super Queen. Unstoppable. Period. ' enough said.

Does a bunch of damage and has so much health

Best troop it has an ability and loads of health basically 50 archers

Are incredible in high level gameplay

Archer queen is clearly better then any troop in the game

They are so big why can't they just walk on the tiny walls

It's better than a barb king only because of her range

How is the archer queen lower then barbs and archers

You suck archer queen is number 1 stupid

The Archer Queen has been tested against the barn king, and she is better.

Are you kidding me? First off, the AQ and BK should not be compared to regular troops... But since they are on this list. Come on! How can you vote for anything over the archer queen. A level 40 archer queen is worth 5 dragons. - ignoble

How come the Archer Queen is not on the top 3? At high levels/high leagues she's the key to 3-starred bases. Always protect your Queen with Golems, Healers and Healing/Rage spells and she'll be unstoppable.
Sure, keep attacking with dragons (hehehe), my Queen loves to hunt them down and I certainly enjoy watching her hunting while protecting my base and increasing my trophies! Hehehehe

Obviously the best 'troop' if you consider it to be one. Insane damage, good hp, never dies, has like double damage and invincibility when you activate her ability. Why dafaq is it number 13. Can defeat ANYTHING 1 vs 1.