Barbarian King


The Barbarian King is an essential staple for any TH7+ base. At my particular level, late TH7, the barbarian king is essential, becuase you can push it all the way to its iron fist ability without even going to TH8. Its amazing for occupying defenses, its damage runs circles around a group of giants attacking, and when combined with healers, is near immortal. As another comment said, the Barbarian King sybolizes progress and strength to the vast community of TH7's which, lets admit, is probably one of the more populated groups. I myself measure the skill of a TH7 base by the Barbarian King, a lot of the time. In addition to this, the Barbarian King's robustness surpasses that of the Archer Queen, and at the same time possesses more health. Lastly, the progress a Barbarian King can go through over the course of a player's career strengthens in drastically, as the maximum level for one is 45. This means domination for anyone that keeps its level high relative to their town hall. In ...more

I'm a town hall 8, so I have a barb King. I do have to admit the archer queen is better but barbarian king is close behind

He is the strongest one of all the troops

Barb king is more powerful than pekka

I lost against a silver 2 noob against this piece of junk with healing and rage spells

Why is this all the way down here?

Level 10 Barbarian King can kill a Level 40 Archer Queen...

The barbarian King is the strongest of them all! It has huge heath and huge damage! Bar king can take down all ground troops like archer quen and pekka! The first hero and the ruler of our village!

Barb king is good it is also hard to be killed but it is horrible till it kits level 5 cause that is its ability

Barbs king have better health that archer queen but less dps. He can summon barbs to attack with him (ability) which is pretty sweet.

Barbarian's are good at attacking but Barbarian King is good at guarding,defending attacking

The Barbarian King is very good. Massive hitpoints and great damage.

Its really very good, everyone is excited to get their first hero and BK is just awesome it can tank your cleanup troops wherever he goes and he is also good at breaking through walls when is ability is used,he rocks!

Come on, are you kidding!? BK at number 17! He is stronger than AQ and is much better than dragons...

Barbarian king is the boss of all trops in other word barbarian king is stronger than other troops exept PEKKA

I don't have Barbarian king but I will try my best to by them
I can't wait for my 1 hero

He is amazing!,no elixir neeeded to train,once you buy him he serves you for free! its strong and has a lot of health,stronger than the archer queen - dollarsign